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Jul 18, 2010 12:36 PM

Jacksonville- Best Asian Market

Just moved to Jax from Foodie heaven Durham NC. While I'm getting used to being back amongst lots of chains, I am happy to see a number of Asian markets in the area . Which are the best? Do any prepare any specialties (dumplings etc) on site that I should check out. Any with a particularly food produce section or butcher? Where will I be the only caucasian in the store? :-)

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  1. Lucy, welcome to jax, home of lackluster chowhound activity, restaurants and food shopping!
    But, don't fret, try Jax Oriental Market on St Augustine Rd
    nothing like chinatown in LA or Montreal, but great selection of fresh produce, fruits that asians love and just starting to carry BBQ pork and roast duck, but not hanging on hooks, in plastic wrap from the resto they bought in the same strip mall and WAY overpriced, but the best market I have found yet in Jax!