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Jul 18, 2010 10:35 AM

make ahead freezable vegetarian dinner ideas?

trying to make some food for a friend who just had a baby so the family doesn't have to live on take-out... any ideas for yummy family friendly vegetarian mains that freeze well - other than lasagna?

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  1. Well, we're vegetarians with a new baby and have been the recipients of food from our amazing friends. They've brought over pasta salad, sesame noodles, carmelized onion quiche, spinach kugel, potato salad and gazpacho. All very, VERY, VERY welcome! I'd imagine the quiche, sesame noodles, kugel and gazpacho could be frozen.

    1. I have heard that food that can be heated and eaten out of hand is welcome--so burritos. I would also suggest enchiladas. vegetable terrine that could also be eaten at room temp, for when you can't get around to heating your portion!

      1. I like to make things in muffin cups w/the paper liner. That way when they are cooked and then frozen I can just pop them all in a freezer bag. The recipients can then just grab as many as they want and nuke or bake to reheat. Also there is no worry for them about getting your containers back to you. I like to make baked mac and cheese, enchilada and other casseroles, crust-less quiche, sweet and savory muffins. Another handy frozen thing is pre-cooked grains (slightly underdone), legumes and roasted veg. Spread out on a cookie sheet(s), chilled then frozen and dumped into a freezer bag is also easy grab and go.

        1. echo the one handed notion--

          oatmeal cakes
          mini frittata or quiche bites
          quinoa cakes
          granola/protein bars
          cookie dough frozen in individual size portions to bake off on the spot to hit the spot

          some not-one-handed ideas...
          tofu or cheese enchiladas
          bean chili and cornbread
          strata with tortillas, beans, cheese, sour cream, chiles, onions, etc.
          lentil/mushroom/TVP burger patties
          hummus and baba ghanoush with pitas
          trail mix of higher end ingredients