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Jul 18, 2010 10:31 AM

Lobster Pounds near Brunswick Maine?

Where's a good lobster pound with outside waterfront dining near Brunswick Maine? Cooks on Baily? Five Island near Georgetown? Any good seafood joints near Popham Beach?
I've got a late afternoon where I'd like to hit the beach then enjoy some traditional Maine seafood .

Lobster Pound
569 White Mountain Hwy, Milton, NH 03851

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  1. DON'T go to cooks! Refer to the recent dicussion of Harpswell for a week and see what they are saying about the Dolphin Marina and Restaurant. This is a great spot for wonderful Maine seafood and there is a lobster pound next door that you can buy lobster after your meal. Be sure to try the crabcakes, mussles and chowder or lobster stew - its served with a blueberry muffin!

    Dolphin Marina and Restaurant
    515 Basin Point Rd, Harpswell, ME 04079

    1. Five Islands is worth the trip. Excellent soft shell lobsters and a beautiful location. The shack next door also has daily fish specials if you want to try something else.

      1. Pair Reid State Park with Five Islands.

        1. Go to the Dolphin will love the food and view. I've been there dozens of times. Best blueberry muffins!!!! Also Estes further out to the end of south harpswell is directly on the water, actually water on both sides, great view, good for steamed lobsters.

          1. We were just in the Brunswick area last week. While Dolphin is excellent (we ate there twice), it isn't really a "lobster pound" imo. And they don't have outside dining (at least I didn't see any food being served out there) I would recommend Holbrook's Lobster Wharf, near the end of Cundy's Harbor. (http://www.holbrookcommunityfoundatio...) Besides good lobster, it's a great location with an interesting history.