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Jul 18, 2010 10:02 AM

Long Beach--recent updates?

Was at Long Beach Friday night on late side--grabbed a burger for my kid at 5 guys and we ate at Creperie--Creperie has dark comfortable atmosphere..very nice there...had good and light meal reasonably priced--spinach and goat cheese crepe and chicken and blue cheese crepe comes with small mesclun salad good vinagrette--salads look nice there...cute little spot for late night snack, or light lunch...nice cold coffee drinks..too....

Was going to go to Abe's Pitaria, but frankly, the place has the atmosphere of a truck stop dump--checkered plastic tablecloths and ugly chairs--couldn't bring myself to eat there after the beautiful day at beach--too bright and too ugly...can't speak for the food..but from dashing in there to grab a menu, can tell you that the eggplant salad, looked completely ordinary--so, don't know how this place compares the Pita Grill a few doors down..also empty, not a soul in either place on a Sat night at 9pm...strange we thought, and a big help wanted sign on the window of the Pita Grill...

The Mexican place Ay Carumba express, had a few people and it's other place up the block was busy...Duke Falcon's was very busy and I really like their menu and cute spot...they are less expensive for lunch so will check them out then--as well as the Japanese spot further up on Park across the blvd from the creperie...

Had a decent slice of pizza from DiSalvo's on Park Ave--checked out the pizza from Gino's and while the place was busy nothing looked too great from what I could see....

Love Marvel in Lido Beach for the best soft serve Vanilla...--go there everytime we go to Jones Beach...

Timmy's Frozen Custard would be perfect on Park Ave in Long Beach--

Headed to a brunch at Monterrey for a wedding end of July, so will report back on this spot, also on Park ave--

What's good at the Lido Beach Deli?

Any other current info on Long Beach spots would be appreciated.....

Also, where is that good Jewish Bakery someone mentioned recently?

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  1. My family has a place in Lido Beach so I spend a great deal of my summer in the area and have for twenty years. There is not much chow worthy food in Long Beach.
    1. The bakery you are asking about is probably Country Boy, opposite Desalvo's. They are pretty good for old favorites. I like the fruit danish,cinn buns and chocolate rolls. Nice challah and onion buns. It will remind you of the bakeries of Queens circa 1970's
    2. Lido Kosher Deli is another solid, unspectacular joint. The meats go right from the Hebrew National bag to the steamer, but it is still a good sandwich and they do all the sides well. I wouldn't venture beyond the basics but they satisfy the need for deli.
    3. The only other place I go to in Long Beach is Swingbelly's for top notch Q. Good food,service and if you go on the early side it is not out of control busy.
    4. I suggest two places in nearby Island Park. First, Jordan's Lobster Farm(pound). I usually order, pick up and take home. However, they have a nice outdoor seating area alongside the water. The outdoor Lobster Bar is pretty mediocre and pricey but you can order any size lobster you want from inside, take it out to the seating area and have someone else pick up sides and beer. You can even bring your own bottle of wine. We get two or three 2-3 pounders and share. Another place i like is Artie's South Shore Fish Market. A little further up Long Beach Road, Artie is a fisherman and the place is usually stocked with fish and shellfish caught that morning. It doesn't get any fresher. The place is a little dumpy, but clean, and they only take cash or checks. Artie is usually there working the room and most of the customers are regulars so it has a nice homey feel. I always get something fresh and stay with a simple preparation, the guy's in the kitchen are pretty limited.
    5. Last summer there was a very good Thai place near Gino's, but I don't know if it is still there. It is not on the level of Srip, a place I love as much as you do so i don't know that it is worth a stop on the way back from the beach.

    Lastly, I love Marvel. Not a weekend goes by that my kids don't demand a visit. I suggest the coffee if they have it, otherwise I go chocolate with a cherry cap. Last time I checked they had Horlick's powder if an authentic malted is what you like.

    Hope this helps, enjoy.

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    1. re: stuartlafonda

      Hi Stuart...thanks so much, lots of helpful info there...You're so lucky to have a place out there--I love the area, especially the old houses in Long's so charming...I did notice a small Thai place next to Gino's and it was fairly busy...Will checkout they happen to have a childrens menu as well? Lobster place sounds cool, but my husband only eats the tails, or stone crabs (Miami Boy)--he doesn't like to exert too much energy to his eating!

      Will definitely check out Artie's Fish Market that sounds great. Been eating at King Umberto's a lot lately...their food has been terrific.

      Did you happen to see my post a couple months back about Anthony's Coal Oven Pizza from Florida opening in Carle Place? It's supposed to open beginning of August...not sure if you had ever checked it out from awhile, you'll have a chance now...

      King Umberto
      1339 Hempstead Tpke, Elmont, NY 11003

      1. re: janie

        Made it to Swingbelly's yesterday for lunch--relaxed atmosphere reminds me of little places on the beach in Hollywood, FL--Big salad with smoked chicken, big portion, delicious, kids burger, good, pulled chicken sandwich--coleslaw decent--stringy onions good--good french fries--reasonable prices--we'll be back..........
        Any word on any of the other little spots down there on that street--

        1. re: janie

          Was at Swingbelly's tonight for a very late dinner post fireworks at Long Beach (absolutely beautiful and so peaceful)---food very good--excellent hamburger for the kid, smoked chicken (juicy and cooked perfectly) with very fresh slaw--and pulled chicken sandwich, with yummny onion strings--good fries...prices are reasonable, this place reminds me so much of places in Ft,. Lauderdale and Hollywood beach area in Miami--

          What else is good in Long Beach? and West Long Beach? What is the name of that sushi place, can't remember Duke Falcon's still good, what about Lola's? and the grill place? thanks for some recent input...
          and still love Marvel in Lido..............................

          Duke Falcon's
          36 W Park Ave, Long Beach, NY 11561

          1. re: janie

            2011 update
            Really just a reaffirmation of discoveries made late last summer and posted elsewhere on chowhound.

            Sorrento's Pizza 255 W Park Ave
            Long Beach, NY 11561

            Roman style, oblong from a wood burning oven. Wonderful pizza made with toppings from the other side of the place that is an italian meat market with homemade mozz. The pizzaiolo brings it to the table on a wooden board and shaves some parmesan over it and then slices it, nice touch. Well done, yeah, a little burned with sauce on top of the cheese. Good chew and crisp, about the width of a grandma slice, which the middle pieces resemble. Ice cold mexican coke and fanta in the case and some decent pastries all enjoyed at a sidewalk table.

            Kev's Caribbean Kitchen 251 W Park Ave
            Long Beach, NY 11561

            Right next door to Sorrento's. A little narrow hole in the wall, with outside tables.Good jerk and chicken curry platters. Fresh homemade roti and sweet maduros with Ting (pink,something I had not seen elsewhere) to wash it all down.

        2. re: janie

          The Thai place next to Gino's is Chaba - very, very good and very reasonable. There is a new place called POP's great new place but I would check it out for lunch more so than dinner - little trendy right now. Another good place that just open is Bania Social Club (where the old Tiki Bar was) - good tapas and great drinks. Also, Popstarz is a great new dessert place -with unique pops and gelato - very tasty and the owners are very nice.

      2. The Crepe place is great. I really do not like Abe's - very dirthy. However, in Island Park there is a great gyro & greek place called Pete's Pitaery - very, very good and fresh. Duke Falcon's is very good. If you want Japanese - go to Nagahama - very good.

        169 E Park Ave, Long Beach, NY 11561

        Duke Falcon's
        36 W Park Ave, Long Beach, NY 11561

        1. Can anyone tell me about Mother Keyy's pzza? Is it good, average, better than average with pizza and their other dishes? They opened up another location in Nassau and I haven't tried it yet. There are so many pizza places that I don't want to try it if it's just ok. Thanks

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          1. re: synergy

            A great Jewish style bakery and then some is Wall's Bakery on Broadway in Hewlett. They have unbelievably fresh and delicious breads like corn bread, sold by weight, pumpernickel raisin, onion boards (pletzlach), onion pockets, saltsticks, rye bread, etc. I don't think there's any better anywhere. And their rugelach are the best I've ever tasted - each handmade, not cut from a log. The bottom all crunchy from the sugar and butter. Their danish and related raisin buns are also good, as are their cookies, and they are famous for Philly Fluff, like a pound cake made with butter and Philadelphia cream cheese. To die for. And while there, if you like seafood, go next door to the Hewlett Fish Market for some unbelievably delicious fresh prepared seafood items.
            Perhaps 'synergy' above is asking about Mother Kelly's Pizza in Cedarhurst? Been in Cedarhurst since the 1970's. Really great pizza - their spinach pizza is famous. So yes their pizza is way better than average. Their food is good, too - the best items being the ones that are good old-fashioned heavy Italian. Perfect shrimp scampi. My kids can't eat enough garlic knots although I've outgrown them. Great, friendly service. Chocolate peanut butter pie is really great for dessert.

            Mother Kelly's Pizza & Restaurant
            490 Chestnut St, Cedarhurst, NY 11516

            1. re: flewett

              summer 2012, anything new and exciting and worth trying in long beach?