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Jul 18, 2010 09:06 AM

Looking for Chinese dishware

Does anyone know a shop who has chinese style dishes, bowls, and other cookwares like a wok and a steamer.
I am new in Sunnyvale in South Bay and looking for a shop around here.


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  1. 99 Ranch or Lion Market?

    1. There's a restaurat-supply-type store in the Ranch 99 center in Milpitas with dishware, cookware, etc.

      1. Try the Wok Shop on Grant in Chinatown SF.

        1. I actually went to Ranch 99 in San Jose today and found a few dishwares.
          I will try on the same store in Milpitas next time. Thanks All !

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          1. re: niko.niko

            There's an all Chinese shopping center at the corner of Wolfe and Homestead near the Sunnyvale-Cupertino border. There's a Ranch 99 store there, many restaurants, and other shops. It's probably a little closer than San Jose or Milpitas.

            I know they have woks and steamers at the Marina supermarket near Stevens Creek and De Anza Blvd. It's a little hard to find, behind a bank, and about a block away from the Target on Stevens Creek.

            1. re: 512window

              Hi 512Window !

              That chinese shopping center sounds good !
              I can even try on this shop this afternoon since it is just near me.
              Ranch 99 in San Jose had a basic dishwares but not many varities.
              So I bought only a couple of soup bowls.

              Thank you

              1. re: niko.niko

                Hi, there is a "restaurant supply" store in Milpitas Mall where the Ranch 99 is. Don't remember the name, it on the far right, as you're facing the Ranch. It has a much larger selection.

              2. re: 512window

                Is there an actual housewares store at that shopping center? I can think of a few stores that might stock a few dishes here and there, but not really a housewares store. Perhaps my memory is fuzzy?

            2. Dong Vinh Restaurant Equipment just google it.

              It is a restaurant supply store with an asian flair. I am sure you can find what you are looking for there.