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Jul 18, 2010 08:44 AM

Bun Bo Hue Served with Banana Flower?

My fiance, who is originally from Vietnam, loves bun bo hue with banana flower and has found only one place in SoCal that offers banana flower and that is Bun Bo Hue So 1 in Westminster. Most places don't have it or go the cheaper route by serving red cabbage instead of banana flower which is a no-no for her since banana flower is a standard garnish served in Vietnam, along with sprouts and mint leaves. Does anyone know where we can find bun bo hue served with banana flower in SoCal? Thanks!

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  1. Ngu Binh, which I just had for the first time yesterday! The general consensus from the board is spot on, this is the best Bun Bo Hue I've had outside my mom's kitchen and Vietnam.

    Ngu Binh Restaurant
    14072 Magnolia St, Westminster, CA 92683

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      I 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Ngu Binh. Notoriously picky Vietnamese parents love this place as do I. FYI, it's pretty popular and gets busy, but they do serve banana flower as a condiment.

      Ngu Binh Restaurant
      14072 Magnolia St, Westminster, CA 92683

    2. I love Banana Flower and it is much more better with BBH than purple cabbage. How about a place with really good Banana Flower Salad?

      It's nice to see Bun Bo Hue getting some action/awareness. All my friends ask me where they should eat "Pho". While I love Pho, I always recommend dishes like Bun Bo Hue as the "next step". After Pho, you can graduate to Bun Bo Hue, Bun Oc, Bun Cha Ha Noi....

      By the way, my mother-in-law makes the best Bun Bo Hue, but you have to hop on a plane to Saigon and take a taxi to District 3.

      Ha Noi
      9028 Bolsa Ave, Westminster, CA 92683