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Jul 18, 2010 08:21 AM

Periogies in Baltimore

Does anyone know where you can get fresh homemade periogies in the Balitmore area?

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  1. Sophia's in Broadway market. None better. (Even confirmed by my Polish-American in-laws!)

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      Sophia's is at the south end of the north building at Broadway Market.

    2. As you may well know, the best home-made periogies are ALWAYS made in the Polish churches. I would call them and ask when they have festivals where they serve them.

      1. Ze Mean Bean Cafe in Fells Point has really good ones.

        Ze Mean Bean Cafe
        Baltimore, MD, Baltimore, MD

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        1. re: kim2310

          And the Krakus Deli next door lets you purchase many varieties to take home.

          Krakus Deli
          1737 Fleet St, Baltimore, MD 21231

          1. re: VMJ

            The Kielbasi factory in Rockville has them but I believe like the Krakus perogis they are packaged/pakaged, not freshly home made, though unlike Mrs. T's, they are made in Poland.
            If you can't find a Polish church that makes them, I would try:
            St. Mark's Orthodox Church on River Rd. in Bethesda annual Fall Bazaar. (I has these yeasr ago and they were homemade, but Russian I believe.)
            Baltimore's Polish Festival (June)
            Baltimore's Ukrainian and Russian festivals (Sept-Oct.)

        2. St. Michael's Ukrainian Church on Eastern across from Patterson Park sells homemade periogies on most Saturdays. They sell out pretty fast but you can always stop in and order ahead for the next week if they do.