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Jul 18, 2010 08:05 AM

Anyone own a Samsung Refrigerator?

Hi, there,

I *have* to buy a counter depth fridge (my kitchen is so poorly laid out it would make you weep) or else get knocked into the stove when someone wants to open the fridge. My current (nightmare) fridge--came with the house--is only 16 cf and for a family of four, and an enthusiastic gardener/food hoarder, that's a pain.

So. Most counter depth fridges are out of my price range, BUT I just saw a fairly nice Samsung 26 cf side-by-side. I've looked at super-fancy Samsungs at Lowes; they're gorgeous! But I'm having trouble finding many product reviews (and almost none for my lower-end model)...I believe these are relative newcomers to the U.S.?

I do know that my Samsung 46 inch HD TV is an absolute work of art, and as near to perfection in a television as one may find on Earth. We still fall silent, in reverent awe, each time we turn it on, despite owning it for a year, now...

Here's the link to the fridge I'm thinking of:

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  1. We looked at them and were considering the french door model, but in the end I couldn't buy a new fridge w/o the old one falling apart first. Friends of our have one and they buy nothing w/o doing due diligence (they research it to death) and they're very happy w/theirs. Good luck.

    1. You do not want side-by-side. They're a horrid pain in the ass. As soon as you try to stick a frozen pizza in the freezer, you'll curse the day you got it.

      How much space do you have between where the counter-depth fridge would land and the front of the stove? Your situation sounds tailor-made for a French door refrigerator. I have a French door fridge and the stove across from each other, and there's 2 feet 9 inches of space between them not including the handles on either one. With a counter-depth fridge, it would be about 3 feet, 5 inches. While nobody can get around you while the fridge is open, it still works very well.

      The things I learned from fridge shopping in a nutshell:
      -A through the door ice maker is by far the most likely thing to break. I bought a fridge that has internal ice and water dispensers for this very reason.
      -The Korean brands, LG and Samsung, are generally terrific unless they break. If they break, their service departments are horrible. For the same reason, don't buy Kenmore. It's Sears's private label; someone else makes it and slaps a Kenmore logo on it, forcing you to go through Sears's shoddy service department instead of getting better treatment from the manufacturer.
      -Whirlpool makes a staggering number of brands. In addition to many Kenmore refrigerators, they also make IKEA, Amana, Maytag, Whirlpool (duh), KitchenAid, and Jenn-Air. Differences in the brands come down to trim, gadgetry, and a lot of money. Overall, the Whirlpool family are quite reliable and they have a good service department.

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        When looking at "factory service" make sure you find out who actually supplies that service. The factory service for KitcheAid is a company called A&E. We had a KA dishwasher that caused us many problems. The good news was that we had an extended warrenty for it (not something I would normally purchase). The bad news was that A&E was the factory service for KA.
        Check into who supplies the service before you make the purchase and then check their records online.

        1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

          We aren't really "frozen pizza" eaters around here...but this one DOES have a space next to the ice maker just for them. If by French Door, you mean "bottom mount" freezer (??) that's really what I wanted most, because it's most energy efficient, but bending down and pulling out that freezer drawer REALLY will cook my ass <g> and I couldn't find such a low price on that variety, either, alas.

          1. re: Beckyleach

            I knew I should have gone with the deli tray that someone else mentioned :P

            French door refers to just the split refrigerator doors. Bottom mount freezer means just that; there are both traditional and French doors available when you get a bottom mount freezer. It seems like bottom mount freezer automatically means French door refrigerator these days, but it's not always the case.

        2. For what it's worth, Samsung also makes a decently sizable french door counter-depth refrigerator, which would get around the issues with the side-by-side. (I want to say it's 23 cu. ft.?) It does have water in the door, though, which was a minus for us.

          We're looking at the Samsungs as well, and really can't find many reports/reviews. One potential concern was that the door seal was broken on one of the floor models we looked at, but I'm sure those also get an unreasonable amount of wear-and-tear, so no real reason to believe that's a concern. Best Buy carries Samsung and has many of the lower end models on the floor, if you want to look at the exact model in person.

          Hope to hear from someone who owns one!

          1. We have owned a Samsung SxS (model RS2577BB) for close to 10 years now and the ONLY issue we have with it is the ice maker. It's the old flexible tray style which bites big time. I don't think they use the flexible tray any more so I won't go into any details of the issues. We solved that by getting a stand alone ice maker since we consume tons of ice. Alternatively, we could replace the ice maker but it's not worth it for us. There have been no service needs at all. I would highly recommend a Samsung fridge based on our experience.

            The freezer space is well thought out and we can get a lot of stuff in there. The freezer has the glass shelves and full drawer construction instead of wire baskets. We also have a chest freezer so we don't care about the "frozen pizza" issue that everyone complains about with SxS. The fridge space is also well thought out with adjustable shelves and decent door space. I know they've changed the internal design since ours was made.

            Space in both compartments is what you make of it. If you go to Costco/Sam's/bulk retailers and buy the massive veggie/fruit trays, they won't fit into ANY SxS. You learn to adapt to your space. It is what it is. I personally like not having to bend down to get stuff out of the bottom freezer as I'm kinda tall so a SxS works well for me. YMMV.

            We have the ice/water in the door and have not had any issues with it. Like I said earlier, the flexible ice tray was the problem but the dispensers work fine. Our model also has a beverage center in the door which works great. No issues with door seals....nada. It's been a great appliance!

            1. We have the Samsung bottom-freezer French-door it at Lowe's....we like it a lot! One issue we've had with it is that the "deli" drawer or pantry drawer - you have to be careful when you pull it out as it has little tabs on the side that can break off if you don't do it just right. The customer service is very rude about it even if under warranty. Ours broke off right after we got it.

              I will say though that I LOVE the bottom drawer freezer....nothing ever falls out on our feet! LOL One drawback inside the fridge is that big things like milk, soda bottles or tall things MUST be put on the doors & can't be put on the shelves. Only short things can be put on the shelves. Otherwise, it is roomy and I really love the fridge.

              One caveat is that if something falls out of the fridge, it can dent the freezer door.