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Jul 18, 2010 07:42 AM

Brew Dog

Has anyone had the higher-priced Brew Dog beers?
Primarily 'Tokyo', 'Tactical Nuclear Penguin' and 'Sink the Bismark'

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  1. I've had Tokyo on tap. For an 18% beer, it was surprisingly good. It's best consumed like a port - room temp, slow sipping. Haven't tried the other two, though.

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    1. re: Josh

      Worth the £10 per bottle, do you think?

      From the descriptions I have seen it sounds right up my street...

      1. re: Steve_K

        I guess it depends what you're looking for. It was really port-like to me, and I'm seldom in the mood for something like that. It's certainly an interesting beer, but my concern would be the possibility of fusel alcohol or acetaldehyde.

    2. For clarification, there are two different beers: Tokyo and Tokyo*. I've had all three of the mentioned beers (assuming you mean Tokyo* since it is the higher priced one).

      I wasn't a huge fan of the Tokyo*. I thought the body was a little bit thin and it tasted boozy.

      Oddly, I thought the Tactical Nuclear Penguin tasted less boozy at 32% abv. If you like peat/smokey scotches and imperial stouts, then you should try this one out. It is their Paradox that was aged in scotch barrels, that is extra concentrated.

      I loved the Sink the Bismarck. They called it a quadruple IPA I think, and that is a very good description. It was 41% alcohol, so it is a sipper, but it is bursting with hop flavour. Suprisingly, it does actually still taste like beer. I had this beer in April and I can still imagine almost taste the hops.

      A lot of people seem to write these beers off as gimicks, but I really enjoyed 2/3 of them.

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      1. re: kwjd

        Interesting to hear about the Tactical Nuclear Penguin not having as much of a kick...

        Can you see any of them having aging potential like a Gueze or fine wine?

        Just ordered up all three mentioned plus two releases of Paradox. Sadly 5am Saint is out of stock - sensational beer for the price in my opinion.

        1. re: Steve_K

          The bottle of Tokyo* said it was best before March 3rd, 2020, so the brewer at least assumes it can age well. The hops in the Sink the Bismarck would start to fade with aging, but it starts with so much that I think it could be really good with a couple years on it.

          I had one of the versions of Paradox (Islay batch 001) and enjoyed the taste of it, but it was very under-carbonated. Lots of peat flavour with some chocolate roasted malt.

          After the Sink the Bismarck, my favourite BrewDog beer has been Bashah. It's a collaboration with Stone and it's a a Belgian style black double IPA.

        2. re: kwjd

          What? A gimmick from BrewDog?! Never! This on the day that THE END OF HISTORY is officially released... a 110 proof "beer" stuffed in a dead rodent...

          1. re: LStaff

            Yep, and it gets them free media. Great for them!

            1. re: LStaff

              "The Belgian blonde ale, named The End of History, is also the world's most expensive tipple at £500 for a single bottle."

              Yet more stunningly incorrect information from the quality publication.

            2. I don't think anything that Brewdog makes can really be taken seriously (at least based on what I've tasted). It just reminds me of very bad homebrew.

              And with regard to their recent hi-test brews, a distilled beverage (whether accomplished by heat or by freezing) is not really beer at all.
              I wonder how they're getting around the UK's strict taxes on alcohol. Seems to me like they've managed to pull a fast one in that regard.

              They may be yanking our chains with the 'beers' they make, butt least they're having fun stirring up controversy with their expensive gimmick brews.
              I'll give 'em points for that, even if not for the 'beers'.

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              1. re: The Professor

                Some of BrewDog's beers are quite good. I think you're letting your anti-craft beer bias get in the way of making an objective judgment.

                While I do agree they venture into the realm of stunt-pulling with beers like Tactical Nuclear Penguin, and the corollary beer, Nanny State, they also make several legitimately good beers that show they're serious about what they do.

                Paradox, for example, is a really nice beer. Especially some of the whisky cask-aged variants. Dogma is also worth trying. The 5AM Saint is a very good, slightly hoppy amber. Atlantic IPA, an IPA aged in wooden barrels on the prow of a ship, was a really delicious beer, if gimmicky.

                Not everything they do is great, but to say they can't be taken seriously is simply uninformed.

                1. re: Josh

                  I enjoy the exchange Josh, but... Anti craft beer bias? You're kidding, right?

                  Sorry if my writing comes off that way to you but calling my attitude 'anti craft' cannot be further from the truth.
                  I've supported the craft beer movement from the very beginning, and in fact, always sought out good beer before that... when there was no craft beer movement ("good" beer didn't suddenly start in 1979, after all; you just had to seek it out more diligently).

                  My only bias, if that word is even appropriate, is with regard to _bad_ craft beer.
                  Now fortunately, a lot of the craft beer out there is quite good...but there are plenty of examples that simply aren't. Then again, with the proliferation of brewers and new breweries, it's only natural that some of the products will not be for every taste despite being well made, and some will just be badly made swill.

                  Despite what my rants sound like, I DO root for the little guys. But quite simply, the fact that a brewery is small and artisanal is in and of itself not a guarantee of quality or skill. There are good ones, and there are some not so good ones.

                  To reiterate my point in the preceding post: I have nothing against the guys at Brew Dog and in fact I congratulate them for what they've pulled off in terms of the attention they get. They also get points from me for the controversey and passion thet they stir up in the beer world. The fact that I (and plenty other very well informed beer afficianados) don't care for most of their products doesn't and shouldn't matter.
                  Someone is buying the stuff, and if they like it, I think that's great.

                  We're just tossing opinions around in here, we're all passionate about the subject of beer, and sometimes one must take the role of 'devil's advocate' to make a point. It's just not a big deal.
                  Besides, as a very wise (and very beer savvy) man once said: "It's only beer."
                  Considering everything else going on in the world, he's certainly correct.

         round is on me,.

                  1. re: The Professor


                    I was just yanking your chain. Sorry, hard to get that from text. I need to remember to include the winky face.

                    1. re: Josh

                      No problem, man... guess I got a little defensive there. LOL.
                      It's all good. Sipping right now on a year old Burton Ale as I wind down after a bit of a trying day.