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Jul 18, 2010 06:10 AM

Stone House Vineyard - Unorganized restaurant event

I bought an event deal through that took place at the stone House Vineyard. I had called earlier in the day to confirm there would be seating inside. I was told that there was limited seating inside but accommodations could be made when we arrived. My fiance and I arrived at the Vineyard at 5:00pm. First of all the event was very unorganized. People didn't know what to do or where to sit etc. There was not seating available inside. In fact like most Vineyards I thought there would be an actual restaurant space. The inside space was just in the area where the wine tasting occurred. I had asked to see if more tables could be set up inside and was told no. So what happened to when I called earlier and was told accommodations would be made.

We went outside to find a spot in the shade and their was no tables available. We ended up going back inside and standing around wondering what to do next. There were several couples who were upset as well about the seating arrangements. In Austin, TX it's not that comfortable to have dinner while sitting in 100 degree weather. By 6:00pm food had not been brought out yet. We were so frustrated by that time we decided to leave and go to another place for dinner. In a nut shell the event was overbooked, there was no seating available and staff was not helpful. In fact we were presented with irritation from the staff when asked about putting more tables inside.

Very frustrating and disappointing experience. This was our first time at Stone House Vineyard and will be our last. Since we also paid for the event in advance we were out that money.

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  1. you should let living social know.
    a lot of the deal companies (groupon, etc.) have return policies so it never hurts to tell them, in case they can make a refund or something.

    1. So where'd you end up going for dinner instead? How was it?

      1. Has anyone actually stayed for the food? There's a groupon for this same thing today, and the price ($60/couple including wine) is tempting me despite the above review...

        1. On top of that, I don't think they make their wines there, majority of their wines are from Australia.

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            The majority of it is sourced from Australia, but they do grow Norton grapes on the premises. I think they make a port and one red there. It's been a while since I've been to that winery. Premises were nice, but I recall the staffer that gave us a tasting being a bit aloof and business-like, not really interested in talking about the wines he was serving us.