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Jul 17, 2010 10:55 PM

Heritage Days - YEG: What not to miss?!

Hi, the countdown is on for my favourite Albertan festival - Heritage Days in Edmonton (July 31-Aug 2). Last year was my first year and I've been looking forward to the poffertjes and Bosnian roast lamb since. Those items plus the Anticuchos were the highlight of the festival for me last year.

Here's the menu for this year:

I'm wondering what are the Heritage Days food highlights for others?

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  1. I usually get:

    Malaysia - satay skewers and young fresh coconut
    Venezuela - arepas
    Arab - Arabic Bread if it's *just* made and is still hot
    Wales - I always have to buy some Welsh cakes even though I could make them myself; have done so since I was a kid

    And then I add on items that look good as I walk past!