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Jul 17, 2010 06:26 PM

Good time to visit Monk's cafe?

My husband wants to visit Monk's cafe in Philly. When is a good time to visit, that we wouldn't have a long wait? Would Friday evening be OK?

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  1. Before 6pm on Friday shouldn't be bad. It gets pretty crowded later.

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    1. re: lbmsw

      Thanks to both of you! Sounds like it's a lunch trip on a weekend.

    2. Definitely avoid Monks's on weekend evenings, it is just uncomfortably crowded. I'd say to try to get there before the after work crowd fills in on Friday, I'd even shoot for 4 or 5 if thats possible.

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      1. re: AmblerGirl

        I actually find Saturday Lunch the best time for the restaurant. Otherwise that place is wall to wall people. Your other option is Tuesday or Wed evenings,

      2. friday evening is NOT ok. :) though it is summertime, so if it is a good beach weather weekend you might be alright if you get there before 4. but if it is only two of you and you are flexible, you might get lucky.

        1. Nobody goes to Monk's anymore, it's too crowded.

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              1. re: bluehensfan

                Yikes. The article says that the people living in the apartments above Monk's have been "displaced" while the incident is being investigated. I feel bad for these folks--weren't they displaced recently when one of the balconies collapsed?

                1. re: bluehensfan

                  i was just going to mention this accident! what a mess.

                  1. re: jujuthomas

                    I'd say avoid the place while SEPTA is in service.

                    1. re: phillyjazz

                      Isn't this the 2nd time in a year that something crazy has happened at Monks?

                      1. re: PattiCakes

                        I think it was last august when a back deck/balcony collapsed off the building.

                        The alley side door set up appeared more legit than I thought it would when we walked by yesterday. They had a host stand outside in front of the access-way.

                  2. re: bluehensfan

                    From Grub Street: "With repairs still under way, Monk’s will reopen speakeasy style on Saturday at 5 p.m. with customers entering through an alley side door and using the password “SEPTA.”