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Jul 17, 2010 04:33 PM

Real Ale, British Pub Food, near Hyde Park, One Day In London

I am looking for a Pub with real ale near Hyde park with great pub food, hopefully something that's British traditional. I'd like it to be somewhere I can take my wife and drink a bunch of beers and keep ordering food until late. Price range doesn't need to be cheap but reasonable. I have been looking at Fullers website and CAMRA, but I'm still having some trouble deciding. I was looking at Star tavern but still not 100%. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Ps- Good food and good Ale take presidence over location and price.

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  1. I'd recommend the Victoria at Lancaster Gate. Beautiful traditional pub with excellent traditional food and beer selection, as well as fabulous interior just a block or two from the Park. We've seen horseback riders go by on their way into the park.

    Here's some more info on an excellent site for London pubs:

    1. Try the White Horse in Parsons Green.

      1. Much appreciation Joan and limster

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          You're welcome! Just come back and tell us what you had -- we love updates.