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Jul 17, 2010 04:23 PM

Danny Meyer Didn't Teach Stephen Mancini This!

Restaurant North in Armonk, New York.

Went to RN Friday night. Decor is nice. Service, well the waiter dropped a soda bottle all over our table. Food fairly good but the half portions are really halfs. The dessert featuring the baked cookies in a small hot skillet was delicious but copied from David Geffen's Malibu Beach Inn. Overpriced. Despite willing to go back, maybe ...there is something about a restaurant owner who makes you feel like two cents so that you never want to go back. Stephen Mancini was foaming at the mouth over one billionaire couple dining at RN a couple tables away. He offered the rich folks a great wine selection, history of the bottle, talk about his hey days in the city, etc. etc., the only thing Stephen didnt do is cut the couple meat for them. It was sickening to see him slobber all over them like they were a king and queen and to not ONCE - in his two dozen walks from the kitchen to their table - stop at our table to greet us and ask how is the food? Stephen made us feel like we were solid no-bodies. This has got to go! Or he has to go. To be treated this way is the best way to lose customers like me and all of the people we know.

Danny, I'm sure you didnt teach SM to only care about the upper eschelon and the BOLD FACE people. He must have missed that class. How very insulting, rude, demeaning and so 17th century Stephen behaved. Never recommending this place!

At least at Moderne Barn also in Armonk where the food is fair, the hosts are extraordinarily gracious. Take the class from your neighbors down the block!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. "Food fairly good but the half portions are really halfs"

      wow, seriously?

      How did you know the table two tables away were billionaires? How do you know they weren't friends of his? I'm curious, did you go to the restaurant to eat or to be seen? And if its the latter, did you really go to be seen by SM? And what about your dinner guests? Were they just sitting there bored out of their minds while you spent the evening preoccupied by SM and the socialites? I'd hate to go to dinner with you and I sure as hell wouldn't stop at your table.

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      1. re: ebi

        Well said ebi. and rexford you didn't really like moderne barn either if I remember correctly.

      2. In the words of John McEnroe "YOU CAN NOT BE SERIOUS?" I went to this restaurant the 2nd day it was open. The food was fabulous as well as the decor, atmosphere and service. Steve Mancini engaged all the tables as well as people seated at the bar. Coming from Charleston, SC and having worked in the hospitality business for the past 13 years, I think I can spot out a winner as well as someone that is clearly a sore loser.

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        1. re: jrusso

          I finally tried RN last night. The service was as gracious as could be. The manager/owner was very nice but the server Elise was really one of the best servers I have had north of Manhattan seriously. The place was packed inlcuding the upstairs private space. The food was super light bordering on spa-cuisine and my only complaint was that it was not seasoned enough for my liking. This may be fine though as the crowd/demographic seems to be the older northern westchester suburban healthy & tanned set that is watching their sodium intake. The "super awesome" cookie in a pan dessert was fantastic and I couldn't care less on who copied whom. A great local addition overall.

          1. re: cubanat

            Rexford, Seriously? RN is a fabulous restaurant serving delicious food. Steve Mancini is the most gracious host and restaurant owner. I have been served by Steve when he worked for Danny Meyer in NYC and Mr. Mancini has parlayed his skills to open one of the finest restaurants that Westchester County has seen in many years. I have been to RN a few times and every time Mr. Mancini has come over (even at the bar) to greet me and ask if everything was to my liking. Maybe if you concentrated more on your food and dining partners instead of other patrons, you would have been able to savor the flavor and quality of the food and the ambience of Restaurant North. As far as the Moderne Barn, I've only heard negative reviews so maybe that's the place you should frequent from now on. Sounds like negative attracts negative! I will continue to patronize RN and look forward to contributing to the success of Steve Mancini!

        2. You definitely have a self esteem issue.

          I've been to Restaurant North twice and both times the food was excellent and the service very good. I'm not a billionaire, but when a member of my party asked how the foie gras was prepared the server aptly described how it was prepared. My friend decided on another appetizer, but the restaurant served us the foie gras appetizer in addition gratis so that we could sample it. It was delicious by the way.
          I would highly recommend this restaurant for anyone seeking NYC quality meals closer to home.
          My only complaint is the difficulty in getting a reservation.
          As for the Moderne Barn, the restaurant experience is very different. Both restaurants are welcome additions to the area but each serves a different role.

          1. The original comment has been removed