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Jul 17, 2010 04:08 PM

Jolly Burger, Citrus Heights CA! New owners, great food!

NEW OWNERS! As much as I will Miss Jack and his wife, the new owners are bringing incredible food to the old drive-in. Today I had the best, and I do mean the best, pulled pork sandwich I have ever had. Not too saucy, perfectly seasoned meat on incredible coleslaw on a fantastic bun. YUMMMY. Easily the best food item in all of Citrus Heights.

The old menu is still in place but they are going to have specials everyday like today's pulled pork. Tuesday is taco night and I can't wait to try them..They are planning on revamping the menu totally and getting out of the drive in deal and go to a more handmade, fresh type of place. But that will come slowly, people still love the food here....

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  1. Thanks for the update! I was just thinking about going back there and hoping they hadn't closed. The guy who owned the place was quite a character. I hope the new owners don't change too much. I'm a sucker for the old-fashioned drinks and interior of the place. Gives me the warm fuzzies.

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      Yeah Jack was a good friend for a long time. But there is no lack of that type of place in Citrus Heights. (even though one of them sucks) and I am glad to hear they are going to bring more upscale type food into the mix.(like the pulled pork sand). But leave the root beer freeze alone!

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        Hey, that's funny. The rootbeer freeze is my favorite! I went back today with my husband and son for lunch. He tried the pulled pork and had the onion rings. My son and I had jolly burger and fries, along with the rootbeer freeze. Boy, that hits the spot on a hot july afternoon!

    2. Oh my GOD, the tacos (Chicken for $1.75) are the best ever. (special on Tuesday only) Really great. Different but familiar at the same time. Shredded onion and cilantro on the best tasting meat I ever had. Kind of a taco truck taco but not even close. Seriously, they are even better than the Pulled Pork San. Tuesday nights for life!