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Jul 17, 2010 02:41 PM

Two newish Vietnamese places in London, anyone been?

I know that the places in Deptford are tough to beat, but noticed 2 new places in a last month or so: Thanh Long (west side of Kingsland Road) and another one in Chinatown (forgot name, but it's across from the original Leong's Legends). Love to hear reports one way or the other.

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  1. If by the latter, you mean the one right off Shaftesbury Ave, it's ok, but nothing special. That said, I've only had one meal there and it was bun with grilled beef. I didn't get to test other things, like the Pho or summer rolls. At least they did have the right assortment of condiments on the table for a place that serves bun. I may well give it a go again, since I'm usually down that way to watch everything playing at the Curzon.

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      Haven't been there, but I thought I'd add the information that the place is called Cẩm Phát, and they have a website:

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        Cẩm Phát has now closed. I was in the area last Wednesday and saw a new poster go up on the hoardings re a forthcoming "Café de Chine/Maison Chinoise":

        Looks Hong Kong ish to me, but I'm not an expert.

    2. Tried Thanh Long and what I had seemed nice/pleasant, on par with the Kingsland road places.

      The Hue dumplings turned out to be decent pan fried potstickers, served with black vinegar and slivers of ginger, rather than with chewy skins made from glutinous rice flour that I was expecting.

      The fish pho was pretty good, lots of dill over the pan fried pieces of fish, whose marinate (could taste lemongrass, other spices here, tumeric?) had seemingly penetrated across each slice. Broth was pleasant but no more than that, carrying the flavour of the dill and basil, with a prickle of heat from sliced red chilli. Essentially the Hanoi style fish with dill/cha ca hanoi with soup rice noodles. I think Quan Viet's rendition of the fish is better and more complex in flavour, but you'll have to go to Deptford for that.

      1. Mien Tay in Battersea is good if you don't fancy heading east.

        Mien Tay
        122 Kingsland Rd, Hackney, England N1 6, GB