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Jul 17, 2010 01:41 PM


I am passing through HK for a few days and keen to go and munch my way through the city. I've been a couple of times but not with the express purpose of food. I have been avidly reading all the HK posts but the annoying thing is that I'll be travelling alone. This means that I can't order as much (grrrr) and I'm not sure which restaurants are solo diner friendly. Any thoughts?

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  1. To savour some quality time by myself, I do like to dine alone once in a while during my annual trips to Hong Kong.

    Some of my choices ranges from Western fine dining ( great tasting menu ) at the 'bar' at L'Atelier Robuchon or a casual dinner at the Oyster and wine bar at the Sheraton ( good selection of oysters and nicely cooked seafood dishes ) to having a bowl of wonton noodle or two plus a couple of side dishes at places like Mak's or Tasty or for fancier Chinese, a steamed flower crab with Chinese rice wine and a plate of stirred fry dish at say Victoria City or Fu Sing.

    For slightly more adventurous experiences, I'd like to take the train to Tai Wai's Fung Lam for some fried live ocean prawns with spicy peppered salt and munch on a whole famous Sha-tin roasted pigeon. Even more 'wild' would be a bowl of snake soup with a bowl of roasted goose and Chinese duck liver sausages on steamed rice at Snake King 2 at Wan Chai/Causeway Bay!

    Be adventurous and enjoy! You'll have no problem dining solo in HK!!

    1. Most restaurants are solo diner friendly. The only problem, as you said, is the difficulty of ordering much food. How many different kinds of dim sum can you eat all by yourself?

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        Quite a few Chinese restaurants like Sharksfin City atop of Times Square in Causeway bay offers ' dim sum tasting menu'!!! Instead of the usual four or five morsels per steamer, they offer one or two each of say Har Gow, Sui Mai and Chui Chow dumplings...etc in one steamer. As well, they also give you a nice bowl of sharksfin soup plus a choice of a side dishes or two!
        Personally, I love to opt for wonton noodles, rice congees or stirred fry noodles at say Tasty. BTW, don't forget, business lunches at almost all the top hotels are great value and worth trying!

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          Thanks for the responses. I'm gathering a list of places to hit so all solo friendly recs are appreciated. Roasted pigeon sounds interesting - wanted to try a goose somewhere good but I guess you have to order a whole one?

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            Not neccesarily! There are Chinese B-B-Q places where you can order a plate of steamed rice topped with your desired choices Be it duck, goose, pork, soya chicken...etc A combo is usually the way to go. Tons of these places in the Wan Chai/ Causewaybay area. Or in Kowloon, the Jordon, Mong Kok districts. You won't miss them since they usually hang all their priced products at the display window!! If in doubt, there's always the controversial Michelin star 'Yung Kee' on Wellington street.

        2. re: PeterL

          I am quite a dedicated eater and I'll try my best but yeah I can't see myself ordering anything close to the amount of dishes that I'd like to try. Any chowhounders out there fancy a meal?

        3. This is a great thread. I have to admit HK has not been near the top of my travel list because I usually travel by myself and tend to favor destinations with more solo-friendly street food. With all the great suggestions from Charles, I will probably move HK up a few notches on my list.

          Please report back on how your dining adventure in HK goes!

          1. OK well I'm here and have spent the past 2 days eating around town. Last day tomorrow so trying to get ready for a big day of eating! So far the highlights have been:

            FU SING - mmmmm their Char Sui is BBQ perfection. Dim Sum is also good (I forgot to order the Char Siu buns and saw everyone eating them but I was already full).
            MAK'S - Lovely wonton noodles - great broth and perfect bite to the noodles.
            TAI HING ROAST - Pretty good goose and char siu on rice. I saw the 'pork brisket' which is a cut of meat I haven't seen before so I'm thinking of going back'
            YEE SHUN MILK - Steamed milk pudding is nice.

            I also have eaten some pretty good beef brisket noodles and developed a strange obsession with floss bread!

            Going to eat at Tasty tonight in Hung Hom. Tomorrow some friends are taking me to She Wong Fun for snake soup that they recommend and I'm considering the trip to Fung Lam for lunch.

            I want to buy some food gifts before I go (XO sauce, floss meat etc), any recs? Any other must eats in HK?