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Jul 17, 2010 01:22 PM

how long does roasted garlic last?

I roasted some garlic a week ago and then didn't get around to using it. I also forgot about the garlic and so it's been sitting in my cold oven, wrapped in foil, for a week. It smells like garlic and doesn't seem to be growing anything -- do you suppose I can still cook with it? Or might it kill me???

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  1. You know, I live rather fearlessly when it comes to storing or not storing food properly and eating stuff I probably have no business saving, but this is one time when my gut is telling me to tell you to dump it. I'm more concerned that it may have fermented, rather than other toxic issues, and although it may smell fine, the taste might be unpleasant. Why take a chance for a few heads of garlic. Well, how much did you roast? Garlic is cheap, anyway.

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      I agree. Don't use it.

      A week IN the refrigerator and I'd be hesitant to use it. Sitting forgotten in the oven for that long and it is definitely trash. Splurge and buy yourself another head of garlic for $.50. ;-)

    2. Well, I was all set to share my trick about how to store leftover roasted garlic until I read your post. Throw it away, don't risk food poisoning.

      If you do find yourself with too much leftover roast garlic, I have successfully frozen it both plain or incorporated into butter.

      1. After that long of a time, are you sure it hasn't started its own ecosystem?

        1. That's an extreme botulism danger.
          I wouldn't leave anything tightly wrapped in foil for more than a few hours, especially at room temperature. (This article focuses on potatoes, but garlic is equally dangerous) Wash anything that has touched it very well. I'm not one to freak out about food poisoning and cross contamination and all that, but I definitely wouldn't mess with botulism.

          1. Yes, I suspect you are both right -- so I'll toss it. It's not so much that I don't want to waste the garlic, but that it's way too hot to fire up the oven to roast more. I guess next time I'll be inspired to use it right away.

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              If you have a small toaster oven it works well instead of putting the small head of garlic in that big oven.