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Downtown Birthday Dinner: Hugo's, Grotto, Firefly, Red Sushi, Second Street Grill?

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I'm headed to LV next weekend for a friend's birthday. His choice is to go downtown for dinner. Yes, I know the dining options are far superior on the Strip, but he is the birthday boy, so he wins. We don't have tons of restrictions re: food preferences and price. From some topline searches it looks like Hugo's, Grotto, Firefly, Red Sushi and Second Street Grill are some of the best food downtown. I would appreciate any and all thoughts on those options and recent experiences. We are a bunch of couples in our late 20's-mid 30's from LA, NY and the Midwest and appreciate all great food.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Have you checked out Triple George Grill?


    Triple George Grill
    201 N 3rd St Ste 120, Las Vegas, NV 89101

    1. Firefly is not downtown. It is a great place for a group dinner and I love the sangria too, but it is only a few blocks from the strip.

      1. Firefly has two locations - on Paradise, and also in the Plaza downtown, although the downtown venue does not have the full menu of the primary location.

        Here is a vote for Second Street Grill, which has to be among the most under-rated places in Las Vegas, perhaps because of such a misleading name (and also the somewhat proper preconceptions that fine dining would not be likely found in the Fremont). Great old-school service, and a Pacific Rim flair to their seafood dishes (a hit from the the last visit was a whole wok-fried snapper with fresh ginger). A gem that does not get referred to nearly enough on these and other boards.

        1. I love Triple George! Firefly is better at the paradise location. Bar + Bistro is new in the Arts Factory - it's good.

          1. Triple George is very good, and I gotta say, Hugo's is old school, romantic and very good as well.

            1. Hugo's is great, good food with excellent service. But as mtngirlnv points out, very old school, which may or may not appeal to those in their 20's to 30's.