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Jul 17, 2010 01:10 PM

Downtown Birthday Dinner: Hugo's, Grotto, Firefly, Red Sushi, Second Street Grill?

I'm headed to LV next weekend for a friend's birthday. His choice is to go downtown for dinner. Yes, I know the dining options are far superior on the Strip, but he is the birthday boy, so he wins. We don't have tons of restrictions re: food preferences and price. From some topline searches it looks like Hugo's, Grotto, Firefly, Red Sushi and Second Street Grill are some of the best food downtown. I would appreciate any and all thoughts on those options and recent experiences. We are a bunch of couples in our late 20's-mid 30's from LA, NY and the Midwest and appreciate all great food.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Have you checked out Triple George Grill?

    Triple George Grill
    201 N 3rd St Ste 120, Las Vegas, NV 89101

    1. Firefly is not downtown. It is a great place for a group dinner and I love the sangria too, but it is only a few blocks from the strip.

      1. Firefly has two locations - on Paradise, and also in the Plaza downtown, although the downtown venue does not have the full menu of the primary location.

        Here is a vote for Second Street Grill, which has to be among the most under-rated places in Las Vegas, perhaps because of such a misleading name (and also the somewhat proper preconceptions that fine dining would not be likely found in the Fremont). Great old-school service, and a Pacific Rim flair to their seafood dishes (a hit from the the last visit was a whole wok-fried snapper with fresh ginger). A gem that does not get referred to nearly enough on these and other boards.

        1. I love Triple George! Firefly is better at the paradise location. Bar + Bistro is new in the Arts Factory - it's good.

          1. Triple George is very good, and I gotta say, Hugo's is old school, romantic and very good as well.