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Jul 17, 2010 12:10 PM

Need Winston-Salem Variety

My mother's in the ICU at Forsyth Medical, and I've been driving up there everyday for a week now. While I've eaten well, I can't afford Milner's all the time, and though PB's and Pulliams satisfy the three food groups, I don't want to end up in the ICU myself. I know Lexington BBQ is on the way home (and going there), but the other night it was way crowded, and I realized, Ohio boy that I am, that I would just as soon have a bacon, lettuce, & tomato sandwich six nights a week as chunk brown six nights a week.
I need some leads for a decent hamburger (cooked to temp, American cheese, no pimento), pizza, red sauce Italian, and ethnic of various sorts. I will drive a few miles out of my way. Open late would be great, as I leave the ICU some nights at 9:30.

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  1. Red sauce italian(no clue and I have been here a long time) pizza(try the loop, mellow mushroom or burke street pizza. all very different all satisfy different pizza cravings. Burger cooked to temp try Milners just sit at the bar it will be $10. Menu says pimento they will gladly switch it out. Most places with a cheaper burger wont cook it to order.

    Ethnic - a new thai place opened of stratford near the caddy dealer. Pretty good on my first few visits. La botana on Hanes mall blvd near the walmart has good mexican.

    Or you could take the waughtown taco tour and try a new tacqueria one day a week. My latest favorite is el rodeo on sprague. Their huarache is great

    Don't forget to try Mr. BBQ on peters creek.

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      Thank you for that thoughtful response, quazi.

    2. Sorry about your Mom; I hope she gets better soon. Here are a few more budget-friendly eating options that are reasonably close to Forsyth Medical:

      --Elizabeth's Pizza is just across the street in the Silas Creek Crossing shopping center. Good "red sauce" Italian dishes, pizza, sandwiches. The steak and cheese is quite good.
      --Hero House on Stratford Rd. has some of the best sandwiches around, as well as gyros, pasta, salads, etc. I'm pretty much addicted to their chicken parmesan sandwich.
      --The Olive Tree, a little farther down Stratford Rd. from Hero House, also has good gyros, as well as burgers, dogs, and lots of other fast food offerings.
      --If you like Japanese cuisine, try Ishi (just off Stratford Rd. behind Hero House).
      --For the best "by the slice" NY pizza in town, go to Mario's. It's on Hanes Mall Blvd. next to Target.
      --For pretty good "diner" food, check out Billy Bob's Diner at the other end of Hanes Mall Blvd. near Wal-Mart. Neat retro atmosphere. They also serve breakfast all day.
      --If you like Indian food, try Turmeric, located just off Stratford Rd. near the mall, behind the Flow auto dealership.

      Just my opinion, but I'd avoid Mr. Barbecue. There are better options for barbecue, especially if you're headed to Lexington.

      Olive Tree
      116 W Main St, Duncan, SC 29334

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        When my dad was staying at Baptist hospital, I always walked to the Grecian Corner, but that was 25 years ago. I hear that it still is good with same cozy atmosphere.

        Grecian Corner
        9606 N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

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          I will definitely second Hero House. Their falafel is terrific

          1. re: quazi

            Go hero house. I grew up in winston and have great memories of hero house. Don't know if TJ's deli is still around but I always enjoyed their sloppy steak sandwiches.