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Jul 17, 2010 11:24 AM

Tyler Florence is pimping out Wishbone salad dressing

Was flipping through this month's Women's Health magazine... and on page 97 I ran smack into a full page ad for Wish Bone Salad Dressing featuring... Tyler Florence. I'm not dissin' Wishbone.... but it seems a little pedestrian, and I always thought Tyler was trying to project a more upscale "CHEF" appearance. The tag line is "Delicious News: Wishbone helps you absorb more of the vitamins in your salad"

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  1. I don't blame the guy, nor am I surprised.

    Make money while you can. Strike while the iron is hot.

    That 15 minutes of fame is only, well, 15 minutes. No more, no less.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      I admit to being a little surprised.... Rachael Ray, Sandra Lee... I could see that... Tyler surprised me a bit.

    2. Just how, I wonder, does a bottled dressing help vitamin absorption ....? That seems a bit of a reach ....

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      1. re: FoodLizzard

        Certain vitamins are fat soluble (e.g. D, K and E).

        These vitamins are usually absorbed in fat globules that travel through the lymphatic system of the small intestines and into the general blood circulation within the body.

        Thus I'd imagine the oils in the dressing help the body absorb those vitamins.

        1. re: FoodLizzard

          According to the ad copy, and I quote "the nutritious oils in Wish-Bone help the body better absorb the antioxidants vitamins A and E from salad" At this point there is an asterisk which would direct you to the 2 point type at the bottom of the page where it states "Vs. a salad without dressing"

          1. re: Firegoat

            The Wishbone is a video spot ad on the internet too; but I agree, look at the batch of cooks who, once they get above the clutter start shopping their names. Mario Batali, Emeril, Rachel Rayguns, Giada, Cleavage, De Laurentiis, Paula, Eat Mo' Lard Deen, Jamie, Add more stuff, Oliver.....the list goes on, but it is the name of the game.

            1. re: ospreycove

              I know, I know.... I just thought this was a little pedestrian. I usually like a lot of his recipes. So color me disappointed.

          2. re: FoodLizzard

            <Just how, I wonder, does a bottled dressing help vitamin absorption > Transporting the fat-soluble vitamins. But your homemade vinaigrette will do that, also!

          3. So what? He's already appeared in Applebee's commercials. Compared to that, Wishbone is no big deal.

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            1. re: grampart

              True, I didn't realize that. Back in 2006 FN and it's stars weren't really on my radar. When I think Applebee's and FN I think Guy Fierri

              1. re: Firegoat

                Actually, Guy "now that's some serious foodage" Fieri hawked TGI Fridays.

              2. re: grampart

                Amen grampart. I would rather see him hawk Wishbone than prostitute himself for Crapplebees.

              3. AFAIK, the only food personality who never endorsed any product was Julia Child. She felt it would compromise her authority. But also both she and Paul had inherited money, and although they weren't RICH, she didn't neeeeed the money. Life's quite a bit different in the 2010's. and most people have children to feed, clothe and educate. That takes millions of dollars that most of us don't have.

                1. Since the first Cadillac commercial with Led Zep, I gave up on the idea that "cool" meant NOT selling out.