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Ice cream cake recs?

I want to purchase an ice cream cake for my daughter's 2nd b-day party at the end of the month. It should feed 40-50 people. Where would you recommend that we buy the cake? We're on the Westside. Carvel? Baskin Robbins? Coldstone? Fosselman's?


101 W Main St # B, Alhambra, CA 91801

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  1. I like fosselman for their choices of different ice creams BUT 2 things u should be aware of. Their customer service is EXTREMELY POOR, RUDE almost.
    ( 1) once i was ordering a B-day cake, i was told i was taking too long and they are busy.
    ( 2) You will have No say on what the cake design will look like.
    Ohh did i mention their customer service is EXTREMELY BAD

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      That certainly is news to me regarding Fosselman's customer service.

      Every time, and I mean every time, I've been there they have been nothing but friendly and accommodating, even when the throngs of people are packing the place like it's a can of sardines.

      Oh, and for undesigned, Fosselman's makes great ice cream cakes.

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        I'm getting ready to order one today from Fosselmans. Flier says call in by 4pm on weekdays and 12 on weekends for order. Yes, no design. But they are good. Best I have had. You get to pick two ice cream flavor and the cake flavor. The ice cream is like 2" thick while the cake is small, which is the best ratio for an ice cream cake.
        Now if you want to talk about rude service, never go to Baskin Robins, esp the one in Alhambra in the Big 5 plaza off of Valley and Almansor. I wanted to order a cake for a next day pick up. But instead they just took it out of their fridge. Then I asked them can they make me a new one because I want it fresh for tomorrow instead of a few days old. They told me NO and that is what you get. There are no picking and choosing. Now that is rude and not acceptable.

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          They were rude. Though generally with their cakes that is how you buy it, though if you want it next day they would make it for you. Most people I know buy it for the next hour or something. Even then you can pick and choose from their inventory. Lazy employees destroy whatever good will a shop may have.

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          I have had only positive experiences with ordering Fosselmann's ice cream cakes. But beyond that, their ice cream cakes are awesome. Like others have mentioned, you can have two flavors. They don't do specialized designs with fancy toys or anything like that. Fosselmann ice cream cakes are the only cakes (ice cream and standard) that people get seconds at any party I've attended.

          You should not have a problem transporting it to the Westside, because a cake that big will be cold for a long time, especially if you have the A/C running in the car.

        3. Sweet Treats in Encino, now featuring the all natural and super-delicious McConnell's ice Cream of Santa Barbara


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              Does Scoops do ice cream CAKES?

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                Yes they do. Prices start @ $25 which feeds about 8. The cakes are amazing.

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                  Cool, will check one out for next summer bbq party!!!

            2. I very rarely eat ice cream cake (or see it anywhere for that matter) but we ordered a couple of sheet cakes from Baskin Robbins for a work thing recently. It was cheap and we were feeling nostalgic yet despite low expectations it was still a disappointment. Dry, synthetic-tasting Sara Lee cake topped with overly sweet ice cream. Most of it went uneaten, and we're not an overly discriminating bunch!

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                "Dry, synthetic-tasting Sara Lee cake"--Baskin Robbins is actually WAY worse than even Sara Lee. And I actually like Baskin Robbins ice cream. But you're right, their cakes are stale, tasteless, and are covered in disgusting frosting.

                1. re: brandygirl

                  I don't like their ice cream cakes either, but the ones I have had didn't have actual cake in it, just ice cream blocks.

              2. Carvel! Just be sure to order it custom from the Carvel store, don't buy a pre-made one from there or a supermarket.

                The idea of driving to Fosselman's from the Westside for an ice cream cake, all while dealing with a party for 40-50 people ... that just seems completely beyond necessary.

                1. I enjoy Coldstone cakes because you can custom blend whatever ice cream flavor you want. However, they're really pricey (~28 for a 6-8 person cake). I know Handel's just opened up in Redondo Beach and they do ice cream cakes. I love the ice cream (creamy, lots of different flavors) but can't vouch for the ice cream cake (never had it)

                  101 W Main St # B, Alhambra, CA 91801

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                    handel's is in south redondo beach, near the Riviera:
                    quite a trek from the westside on a day when you are trying to 1) keep the cake cold enough to be solid upon arrival and 2) put together a party for 40=50 people. . . .

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                      Why not just get a cake at Costco and get an assortment of great ice cream on the side? Especially in this weather. Where you going to store an ice cream cake for 40-50 people? Who has a freezer that big? Not on subject, but I really miss ice-cream cake rolls - with the swirl of chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream.

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                        i, too, loved ice cream cake rolls.
                        now that you brought it up, i'll be thinking about them all day. . . . .

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                            I don't know if it's the same thing, but at Mitsuwa marketplace I see rolled cakes with cream. Some had ice cream too . . .

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                              sorry, i don't remember, it's been so long.

                              1. re: westsidegal

                                Yeah, me too.

                                I'm thinking it was probably some place like Baskin-Robbins ... http://baskinrobbins.com/Cakes/rollca...

                                (To apple7blue ... thanks for the rec on Mitsuwa, but the ones I'm remembering were distinctively a big slice of Americana.)

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                                Looks like you can get ice cream cake rolls from Baskin Robbins


                      2. I remember getting one from the Ben & Jerry's in Glendale (at the time) and it was pretty good. Maybe not Fosselman's, but still more than decent. And more importantly: convenient.
                        The link is to their website, not the San Vicente location that's showing up.


                        Ben & Jerrys
                        11740 San Vicente Blvd Ste 101, Los Angeles, CA 90049