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ISO Recipes that use A LOT of milk.

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I just discovered in the back of the fridge an unopened half gallon of milk dated yesterday. I know that means it is good for another 5-7 days, but no one here drinks that much milk, and I hate the thought of throwing it out, so does anyone have a really good soup recipe that calls for a quart of milk or more? The more milk needed the better (I'd love to use the whole half gallon). Thank You!!

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  1. Milk-braised pork loin. This recipe from The River Cafe is great, and it's easy to change the spices to suit your own style - last time I made it I left out the sage and added a touch of nutmeg and mace, went great. Serve with some potatoes or risotto, fantastic:


    Other possibility: do you have an ice cream maker?

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      Throw a spoonful of plain natrual yogurt in the milk, keep at a warm room temp overnight.......there now it is yogurt.

    2. Rice pudding; I just made a batch yesterday...here's the recipe.

      Creamy Rice Pudding

      1 1/2 cups water
      3/4 cup rice
      1/4 teaspoon salt
      4 cups milk
      1/2 cup sugar (or more depending on how sweet you like it)
      1/2 of a vanilla bean, scraped. You can use extract instead; stir in at the end
      1 egg

      Bring water, rice and salt to a simmer; reduce heat and cook for 10 minutes. Stir in the milk, sugar and vanilla bean; continue to cook over low heat for 25 minutes, stirring every five minutes or so to keep from sticking. Whisk the egg well and stir into the pudding until blended. Remove from the heat and allow the residual heat cook the egg, stirring well. If you're using extract, this is the time to stir it in.

      This is my base recipe; I've made it using dried cherries. Yesterday, I added cinnamon & fresh blueberries while warm before refrigerating.

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        The recipe that came with my first microwave is far simpler: mix 1/4 cup of white rice, a few pinches of salt, and a quart of milk in a shallow baking dish, microwave on low power, stirring occasionally, until it is thickened and the rice is thoroughly softened. If you add sugar at the beginning, the rice pudding will be caramelly at the end. If you don't want that, sweeten after cooking. Takes about an hour, depending on size of dish and wattage of microwave.

      2. I vote for a chowder (such as corn, clam or potato) or bread pudding.. or both!

        1. Portuguese milk mayonnaise. This only makes a cup at a time, but obviously you could increase the recipe or make several flavors. There is also a recipe for green olive dip made with the mayonnaise.

          1. Both scalloped corn and scalloped potatoes use up milk. Easy to find recipes for both.
            I'd make a custard pie!

            1. Make ricotta cheese or a creamy soup of any description -- scallop-potato-milk is wonderful.

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                  I was going to say the same thing. Definitely ricotta.

                2. Spanish desserts like leche frita, natilllas, flan, crema catalana, and arroz con leche.

                  1. freeze it in smaller batches.

                    1. I'm making Alton Brown's dulce de leche right now, it uses a quart of milk and it's scrumptious!


                      1. I've always wanted to try Sam's microwave yogurt. This may be the perfect time for you!

                        Here's the recipe with tips:

                        1. Not a soup but this does use quite a bit of milk. I have made it and it is pretty good. It is from a local St. Louis restaurant.

                            1. Paneer.

                              Boil the milk, add about 2 T of lemon juice for each litre of milk, and stir until it separates into white curds and a greeny yellow clear whey. Strain through cheese cloth, and use crumbly like cottage cheese, or press it overnight and cut it into cubes.

                              I find 2 L of milk makes enough for a main course.

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                                Third the paneer. Great way to use a lot of milk, and it is quite tasty.

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                                    It's only been a day. Besides, paneer is cheese, and what's cheese but spoiled milk, anyway?

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                                      Alan, ...... Vs. allowing the culture to bloom overnight. Notice that "Organic Valley" produces cultured butter, not "creamery" butter that most dairies crank out. The cultured butter is made in batches, not continous production line. I like the subtle mellow taste, more noticible in the unsalted product.

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                                      The OP wrote "....... unopened half gallon of milk dated yesterday. I know that means it is good for another 5-7 days" on Jul 17 which gives several days for this to be resolved. It really shouldn't be sour today, a single day later. Hope that the OP has found something to do with the milk.

                                      Thanks to the OP, I made ricotta yesterday and it was delicious mixed with spinach, pancetta and rolled into crespelle for our supper last night.

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                                        Not likely, but even if I come up with a good idea in a year, I'll still post it here. These threads are great reference for others in the same situation. Hence, the reason Chowhound has a search feature.

                                        And, anyway, paneer is made by souring the milk with lemon juice, so I'm sure starting with a little sour milk can't hurt, hahaha.

                                  2. I usually use heavy cream for bolognese sauce, but you could use up the milk just as well as a substitute ingredient. Or, How about a bechemel sauce.....you could use it as a base for many other recipes.

                                    1. Quick follow up -- I decided to use up a lot of ingredients we had in the house and took my best shot at Coconut Shrimp soup, which turned out delicious.

                                      Chopped a sweet onion and sauteed until brown in 3 TBSP butter. Added four cups of fish stock (from a batch I made last week), a cup of white wine, half a cup of chopped parsley and basil, brought to a boil. In the steamer over the pot, steamed 30 frozen shrimp for six minutes, stirring for the last three. Dumped the shrimp in ice water to stop cooking. Turned down the heat to simmer the broth. Added one large sweet potato, cut into 1/2 inch cubes, salt and pepper. Simmered for half an hour.

                                      Peeled shrimp, chopped fifteen of them into chunks and divided them into three soup bowls. Put the other fifteen in the blender with three cups skim milk, six TBSP flour, half a cup heavy cream and a quarter cup of coconut cream (not coconut milk, but the sugary stuff you make pina coladas out of ). Blended on high for a minute.

                                      Stirred the foam on top into the liquid until it was smooth, slowly poured it into the simmering broth, stirred constantly for five minutes until it thickened slightly (it was still pretty thin when served), poured it over the shrimp chunks in the bowls and served with toast points.

                                      It turned out great. I toyed with adding chopped tomato and jalapeno for a little spice, but decided not to, as it would have overpowered the coconut flavor.

                                      The milk that started this whole thread is still completely fresh (gotta love organic milk), so I'm making the rice pudding tomorrow. Thanks Cheryl.

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                                        are you cheryl?

                                        i like the sound of that soup, vja. it has a caribbean vibe, no? (interesting use of the sweet potato).

                                        and if you can do that, you can surely be successful with paneer-making.

                                      2. WOW! I just saw the rest of the replies. Thank you all so much! I'm totally making the cassata -- that sounds amazing. Ditto for the Dulce de Leche. As for paneer, that may be a bit adventurous for me. Damn, now I have to go buy more milk...

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                                          Oh no, no. That's what I thought about paneer, and put it off till one day I just decided to take the bull by the horns. It is so easy, if you like paneer you might just find it on your regular roster!!