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Jul 17, 2010 09:06 AM

Nomiya ~ has it been extended?

Does anyone know what the deal is with Nomiya? We had lunch there in May and they spoke about extending the original year to September or even the end of 2010. I've done searches on the net to see if it's still open but can't find any information. Their website just keeps saying "opening soon" for reservations but it doesn't look like they've taken any bookings for about a month.

I'd really like to book dinner there while we are in Paris in the fall so if any of you guys lucky enough to live in Paris know the scoop (John, Sophie, Parigi, Meg, etc) please let me know.



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  1. Sorry JO, no info.
    I heard the same rumor but also read it was moving to other cities. Maybe the real folk - Soup, Soph, Parigi, Meg, Phyllis can illumine.

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    1. re: John Talbott

      Yes, it has been extended. I took a cooking class at their atelier last week. By the way, if you can't get reservations this is a good way to see it. What is happening is that they are in the process of extending the permits. So right now, until the permit for the extension is granted you can't reserve online. You must call or email them directly, probably a very good way of getting a reservation.

      1. re: croquembouche

        I just checked the Nomiya website this morning and there are lots of spaces open from AUgust 15 to September 4. They must have just reopened the booking site and it hasn't filled up yet. Could be good luck for all those people going to Paris in August looking for somewhere cool to go to with all the restaurant closings this month.
        I'll be looking to book for our trip in late September/early October. We really enjoyed our lunch in May.


        1. re: parisjo

          I just checked it, and saw spots, then hesitated for literally two minutes and when I tried again to book dinner, all places were full! We'll try for a tour when that option becomes available.

          1. re: Nancy S.

            Just snatched 2 spots for Sept. 11 (Sat) for lunch. Note that it is now 80 Euros for lunch and 100 Euros for dinner, which is not a small increase, I hope it's as good as it's been!

            I received an email from their website saying: "We are pleased to announce you that the project will open again from August, Saturday 14th for an extension until June 2011." Right now is a good time to book for August since lots of other restaurants are closed during August and not that many people know that Nomiya has reopened just yet! (Although it looks full for dinners right away, so perhaps someone is booking up all the dinners but not the lunches?)

            Good luck everyone :)