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Jul 17, 2010 08:57 AM

where can I go fo rthe best eggroll? big and crispy?

I've looked on this board and have found many recommendations for authentic chinese,vietnamese,thai,etc but what I'm looking for is the perfect eggroll and pork fried rice.
I like the eggroll big and crisp with some meat(pref beef,pork or chicken). I'm not a big fan of the little thin eggrolls filled with all kinds of stringy nonsense.
So where should I go? I live in central dallas near the tollway and Forest,but I don't mind venturing out to satisfy my tastebuds. ;)

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  1. babyintx910,

    I am a misplaced New Yorker and have been searching for what I consider New York Chinese food (i.e. wonton soup, eggrolls, etc.) here in the Dallas area for the past few years. Sad to say that while there is alot of great Asian food in the area, the Chinese food is just different from what I am used to. (I fondly remember a restaurant on Long Island when I was growing up called Kwong Mings which served Egg Rolls which must have been 6 inches long and 2 to 3 inches in diameter.)
    However, It is my opinion that the best eggrolls I have found since living in the DFW area are from . . . Central Market.
    I know, go figure but these are more like the ones I am used to and crisp up well in your oven.
    Also, while they DO NOT serve eggrolls (it kills me that a chinese restaurant would not), I must advise that First Chinese Bar B Que (with multiple locations) has the closest other foods to rememble what I have been used to. (And while the shrimp won ton soup is not full of Bok Choy and pieces of pork it is delicious and the regular won ton soup is close to what I remember.
    Good Luck.

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      Also, I forgot to advise on your rice question that FCBBQ also has a nice Young Chow fried rice. This is a nice light fried rice with various ingredients. Enjoy.

    2. Dear Baby, you are in luck. Thai Tanee has the large egg rolls; available in both vegetarian and meat versions. Located at Montford and Alpha, very near to you. Enjoy. P.S. The dipping sauce is also outstanding.

      Thai Tanee
      5635 Alpha Rd, Dallas, TX 75240

      1. Now that I've thought more about this, I'd also recommend Royal China in the N/E corner of Preston Royal Shopping Center. Always reliable Cantonese cooking, they even have a "made to order" dumpling bar.
        I'd seriously consider them. I've enjoyed their food for the last 35-40 years and have never been disappointed.

        Preston Royal Shopping Center
        201 Preston Royal Shopping Ctr, Dallas, TX 75230

        Royal China Restaurant
        201 Preston Royal Shopping Ctr, Dallas, TX 75230