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Jul 17, 2010 08:04 AM

my Magimix 5200XL 16-Cup Food Processor has shipped!!

Yay! It took me a few weeks to finally decide to bite the bullet and buy this processor and I got my ship notification today. It will be here on Wednesday. I'll be spending the next few days deciding what to make on Wed night that will allow me to use my new toy as much as possible on day one!! I can't wait to find out for myself if this is worth the cost and I'm hoping it will be well used and well loved for years!

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  1. Congrats, looking forward to hearing your impression of it. I'm saving my pennies up, I need to find a big jar to hold them all. But I have a feeling that it's a one time purchase and will pay for itself in time.

    1. Congrats!! I have the 4200 and I am cursing I never bought it years ago!!

      Some friends have been using theirs for 20 years.

      1. Hi, I realize this was posted 10 months ago but I am hoping you could give me some feedback on your experience with the 5200XL. I am deciding between purchasing the 5200XL or the 4200XL, I have read some posts regarding the 5200 having some problems. Any input you have to offer I would appreciate. Thanks

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        1. re: andyb79

          I love it!!! I use it several times a week and it is a workhorse! No regrets!! The only thing I have not used is the whipper attachment yet.

            1. re: KCrossland

              I purchased the Magimix 5200XL I have used it a total of 4 times. Loving it more each time and then yesterday (Father's Day), houseful of people waiting for homemade Pesto, uggh did not work. The motor works fine but the bowl does not make the connection when the lid is in place. Tried several times, other cooks in the house tried, the most we could get was to know that the motor is fine, by pressing while it was plugged in and in the on button pressed so the problem is definitely with the bowl. I am very dissapointed, I spoke with William Sonoma they said they would swap it out for a new one, which is fine, but I hope this is not a product defect. Just out of curiousity have you had an problems with yours.

              1. re: andyb79

                No problems with mine at all and I still use it almost every single day.

                I am happy to hear WS is replacing the unit though in the event I ever do have an issue.

                1. re: KCrossland

                  Thanks again, that is good to know, maybe mine is just a quirk. Anyway, I will be returning it for it's replacement. Will let you know how the service went. Thanks

                  1. re: andyb79

                    I really do hope it was a quirk. If mine broke, I think I'd honestly cry. I don't want to imagine my kitchen without it, even for a little while.

                    1. re: KCrossland

                      Hi, I am embarrassed to say it was me!! Well not all me, the mechanism on the lid was not engaged properly. Therefore, it was not pushing down on the bowl so that the connection from the little plunger on the bottom of the bowl could make the connection. I was about to bring it to WS and thought before I make the city trip let me try one more time. I guess the Merlot, the father's day crowd and the heat just got the best of me! Anyway, happy to report all is well with the world!! LOL

          1. I got the same one a few weeks ago from W-S, back when they were giving away the creative disc set with it. I've really enjoyed using it so far.

            Unfortunately the first thing I tried to make with it was the potato gratin recipe in the included recipe book. What a disaster. The gruyere cheese broke and it became a rubbery, greasy mess. The potatoes were still pretty good, though.

            I think I saw on Cook's Country later that they don't recommend using gruyere in the way the recipe did - which is to just throw it in with the potatoes and bake it, basically.

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            1. re: phrekyos

              So, I am assuming you have not had any problems with the bowl make the connection? I am glad to hear that; as I love mine and was heartbroken when it didn't work.

              1. re: andyb79

                Nope, no problems. I'm not surprised to hear of problems with the safety mechanism though - it looks kind of delicate.

                To those who haven't used one, if any of the bowl, lid, and big pusher aren't in place and working together to push a little recessed button on the base, the thing won't even turn on.

                1. re: phrekyos

                  Exactly, that is my problem. The bowl, lid and pusher are lined up correctly and they still do not connect with the recessed button, when I press the button the motor works fine, but for some reason it is not lining up properly, despite my best efforts and multiple efforts of others, we tried everything.