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Jul 17, 2010 07:21 AM

The Pie Lady in Dresher - yum!

I had heard alot of good things about the Pie Lady of Dresher but she aleways seemed pretty hard to find so it took me a while to actually try one of her pies. She has a stand on Limekiln Pike and also sets up a stand at the ambler farmers market on Thursdays (not exactly a "real" farmers market but a few locals set up tables to sell fruits, veggies, flowers, etc on Thursday afternoon, its right off of Butler Ave, near Coneheads). I saw her at the Ambler Farmers market and got a peach blueberry pie and a pack of sticky buns. Yum!!!!! It was a little pricey - the pie was $13 - but everything was so good. The sticky buns were some of the best I've ever head, huge and full of cinnamon and goo. She had a decent variety of pie flavors - apple walnut, french apple, strawberry rhubard and a few sugar free pies. I know she offers more variety but I arrived pretty late in the day. I heard she makes a peach praline pie I am dying to try. She also had some other stuff like homemade peanut butter, jarred peaches. I am definitely going back (she said she will not be there next Thursday, but is there every other week). I can't believe it took me this ling to find her!

Pie Lady Cafe
9 E Main St Ste 1, Moorestown, NJ 08057

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  1. Does Pie lady have a name? Does she sell the pie's out of her house? I grew up in Dresher and don't live far.... please let us know!

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      I wish I knew more details... she is an enigma :) The label on her pie said the Dresher Farmer's Market, I had never heard of that though. I wish I kept the label, it had her phone number on it.

    2. Where is the stand on Limekiln - on a corner - could you provide the cross streets, exact location, etc. Thanks.

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        If this is the place I think it is, it is/was Kate's Farm Stand. If you are coming from Maple Glen on Limekiln Pike, you would follow Limekiln Pike by turning left at the light just after Wendy's, then a quick right again just after you go under the bridge. Around that bend, & going up the hill, the stand is on the right-hand side. Lots of plants/bushes in front for sale (like a nursery), & a gravel drive leading into the parking lot. It's almost immediately across the road from that mega church that was built a few years ago -- New Life. The farm stand backs up onto what used to be the old Selas property.