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Jul 17, 2010 06:32 AM

RIP: Ray LeMay is dead

Love him or hate him [and their were plenty people in each camp] Big Ray ran one of Austin's great steakhouses for a few years at the turn of the century.

Big Ray has died.

I'll miss the chicken fried pork chop stuffed with chicken fried bacon and smothered in a three meat gravy.

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  1. I only went to Ray's once, but I remember being treated like family from the minute I walked in. I can't specifically recall if Ray was in the house or not (though he probably was), but his place always evoked an old Austin feel to me. God speed, big guy, and I hope there's steak in heaven.

    1. Guess the moral of this story is that steak is great, but not every day! Poor old Ray weighed in at about 350 to 400 and encouraged gluttony, he died at age 59. Maybe the lesson should be eat more spinach, but not more creamed spinach! He did had a classy steak house, and he was a class act, he just should have learned to push himself away from the cow every now and then.

      1. Ray seemed like a great guy to me. He always treated me and my guests with warm kindness and humor. I went there a lot back in the day of expense account lunches and dinners... My guests, especially the guys, always enjoyed themselves.