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Jul 17, 2010 06:04 AM

Upper Crust Lawsuit

Just an informational post; some interesting reading here......

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Wow. Their food is overpriced and they stiff their employees. I'll stick to Pizzeria Dante from now on.

      Pizzeria Dante
      1398 Beacon St 02446, Brookline, MA

      1. And it goes on, now the department of Labor is investigating...Just makes me mad...

        1. And the UC's lawyer is saying that they were salaried employees? Since when has a cook ever been a salaried employee when they're not an owner of the business?

          And they took the money back? How can they say they *never* did that when their check stubs are going to show the deductions?

          Just amazingly stupid comment by the owner to say that one of the people fired was "lazy" - ummm, they work 75-80 hours a week and they were lazy? Not.

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          1. re: LindaWhit

            I know I'm leaping to judgement,but the atmosphere when I go in there (CC one) always sets my teeth on edge... Plus, I don't like their crust, o lack of flavor. But that has nothing to do with their business practices. It bothers me when a chain grows their business on the backs of employees..
            Needed to cutt costs to expand? How 'bout don't expand til you have the money!

            1. re: galleygirl

              I'm with you and LindaWhit. The fact that there was already a judgment in place tells us that they were guilty, by law, of illegal practices. You are not leaping to any judgments that the U.S. Department of Labor didn't already come to after investigating. I'm willing to give a place a second chance if they amend their practices, but Upper Crust seems to have not learned its lesson.
              Even if their pizza were my favorite in the area (which it is not), I'd still quit going there. No pizza is worth supporting exploitative labor practices.

              Thanks for starting this thread gg.

              1. re: Cachetes

                I agree as well. Changing their status to salaried employees is just a ploy, and a poor one at that. I've only had UC pizza twice and was not impressed either time, but I have no interest in giving them any more of my money in the future.

            2. re: LindaWhit

              putting cooks on salary is actually done surprisingly often to eliminate ot, at least based on my experience working in restaurants for the last 20 years.

              1. re: LeroyT

                That's unfortunate, but I think the reason it seems so egregious here, is that they were made salaried employees AFTER they won a law suit AND they were then told they'd have to return the money they won in the lawsuit if they wanted to keep their jobs.

                That's just shortsighted, stupid, and perhaps, criminal.

                1. re: LeroyT

                  Wow...i did not know that. I wonder how much they pay in salary and also what the per hour pay breakdown works out to be for a cook. It seems like restaurant hours are so crazy that working as a salaried employee would be a really bad deal.

              2. I previously worked at the upper crust in salem. It had the same practices, get the most "bang for your buck" and cut every corner to do so, just like there pizza recipe: take a 15 oz dough ball, roll it as big and thin as it can get, take some canned tomato magic pizza sauce, add a lot of garlic and a ton of water add a tiny amount of mozzarella cheese and stick a $20 price tag on it, that's a recipe for success. it must be a part of the companies business plan. All of the cooks are brazilian are over-worked and under-paid. if they complain about the pay, they would have to keep quiet or get replaced by another. It is satifying that a couple workers stepped up and are taking action for this injustice. it is unfortunate that these workers are hired to get taken advantage of. these people are the core of the business. major violations are committed at this franchise restaurant. litigation must be upheld for this establishment. the authorities should take a closer look at this franchise owner from marblehead. I am sure that this lawsuit won't be the only lawsuit pending.