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Brunch with a vegan option

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I am looking for recommendations for a great brunch place. I love brunch, as does my boyfriend as do many of my friends, however between my vegetarianism, his veganism and a few friends love of all things bacon we have a very tough time finding a good place to meet and brunch that isn't Utopia. y.

Anybody have an recommendations for a good brunch place with a vegan option?

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  1. Fressen.......Pulp Kitchen.....the food is good enough that the carnivores won't miss their bacon!

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      Fressen is great however it is hard to accommodate more than 4 people. The pace is also very slow. Great if you are having an evening out, not so great if you want to keep brunch under a couple hours.

      478 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V2B2, CA

      1. re: Smed

        I like Fressen, but if you have bacon lovers in your party I don't think they will be fooled.

        478 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V2B2, CA

    2. Lola's Commissary on Church St south of Bloor. I've never had brunch here so I can't speak for the food, but I walked by earlier today and noticed vegan options on the brunch menu. It might be worth checking out. http://www.lolascommissary.com/

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        I'd give Mitzi's a go. Def. not vegan but would probably be able to work-some of their dishes to be vegan friendly. Plus, they have bacon!!!

      2. Sadies Diner is very close to Fressen and a little less "brunchy" but nonetheless delicious!
        (tons of vegan options there, from pancakes to quevos rancheros.)

        Yasi's place in the west end is vegan-friendly and serves meat as well.

        Check out veg.ca for some other ideas from the vegetarian association.

        478 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V2B2, CA

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          Sadie's is a vegetarian restaurant. No meat.

          Sadie's Diner & Juice Bar
          504 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V1T5, CA

        2. you should try le pain quotidien. there are 2 locations yonge & bloor and avenue & eglinton.

          they have plenty of meaty breakfast dishes. some really good vegetarian stuff - omelettes, cheeses, salads, yogurts, french toast, etc.

          might be slightly tough for vegans but there are still options that come to mind.

          another alternative is day break over at carlton & college.

          1. I'm vegan and go to the gladstone for brunch all the time. Options are limited to tofu scramble but it is fantastic so I don't mind. The rest of their brunch fare is great as well and they absolutely have bacon :)

            1. They don't open till 2pm, so this would only work on slow-moving weekends, but I'd go with Sneaky Dees. Those who want bacon can get bacon (or sausage); the vegans can get the Vegan Burro Favorito, and if the vegetarian wants eggs there are plenty of choices. They run their breakfast menu all day. I'm a vegan and wish there were more options at this place -- but what they have is good. They should start offering soymilk for coffee, though.

              Sneaky Dee's
              431 College St, Toronto, ON M5T1T1, CA

              1. This is definitely more on the greasy hangover brunch end of the spectrum, but Clinton's (at Bloor and Clinton) has vegan and vegetarian options. They do tofu scramble and have a variety of veggie meats. It's served daily til 5.

                They also have veggie wings, but I'm not sure you can order them for brunch -- or that you would want to.

                1. Cardinal Rule has vegan options for breakfast. The quinoa & coconut pancakes rock, as do the vegan latkes!

                  Cardinal Rule
                  5 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON M6R 2K2, CA