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Jul 17, 2010 04:57 AM

Inexpensive offsite catering near Skippack?

I am hosting a first birthday party for my daughter at a park in Skippack. I want to keep costs down so I was initially planning to get hoagie trays, tomato pie, and strombolis from a local italian market. Well, when I calculated how much it would be, we were looking at a cost of 8-10 per person. I feel like for that money I might be able to find a local caterer to out together a lunch menu. Any suggestions? We are just looking for simple casual food that would withstand the August heat, ideally somew place that delivers (and helps set up would be a huge plus!). Thanks!

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  1. Try this place...they are local. Ask for Steve Vincent.

    1. I would call Dave at Lee's in Blue Bell. He is super accomodating and their menu now has some great offerings beyond hoagies and cheesesteaks including homemade foccacia paninis with fresh mozzarella, various wraps including a very delicious spicy brisket (Barbacoa wrap) and other items you wouldn't expect from Lee's.

      1. The original comment has been removed