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Jul 17, 2010 04:46 AM

Center City Locale for Pastured Chicken

So far, Whole Foods chicken has been hitting the spot. Acid test was plain baked breasts, just a sprinkle of Sonny Salt: juicy, some chew to the texture--like old times. I made chicken salad from some boneless breasts that tasted great when I cleaned off the mixing spoon, but am looking forward to serving today. ((Sonny Salt can be purchased on the net; we bought a jar in Memphis, and had to replace it when it was used up))

Can you suggest any other merchants/farmers markets, or vendors at the Reading Terminal, for reliable chicken?

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  1. Griggstown Farm is at the Headhouse Sunday Market and also at the Fair Food Farmstand. There is also another poultry person at Headhouse whose name escapes me. On Tuesdays at South and Passyunk market, Livingoods sometimes has chicken