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Jul 16, 2010 09:17 PM

Bakeries or Pastry Shops near Lake Highlands?

I just moved to the Lake Highlands area and am looking for any good bakeries or pastry shops. When I say bakery, I don't mean those silly cupcake stores, I mean a good hardcore bakery with rustic bread (the kind with amazing crust), delicious and intricate pastries, and Viennoiseries (croissants, danishes, etc). I'm willing to drive for amazing desserts and breads!!

I've been told to go to La Madeleine but that's just sick. I need something real with a local baker. Gotta support those locals!

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  1. There's ST sweet temptations cafe at LBJ and Skillman.

    1. The Whole Foods across from Northpark Mall has a pretty good selection of fresh breads. Theres also Eatzi's on Lemmon and Oaklawn

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        As someone who has previously worked for Whole Foods (and the bakery department), I feel it is my duty to let you know that the bread is not fresh, it is frozen and simply reheated prior to putting it on the floor for sale. None of their breads are made on site, in house. Same goes for 95% of their pastries and desserts... and their cakes come from mixes.

      2. I've been to ST Sweet Temptations a few times. Several of my friends swear by it but I think it's just ok. I agree with jimbalaya regarding the bread at Eatzi's. It's some of the best that you'll find in Dallas. (which isn't saying a lot) There really aren't any great, go to bakeries here in Dallas. Most bakery items (from various bakeries) are good, not great.

        1. Melanita although it doesn't meet your criteria, I think you should cruise the Highland Park Cafeteria, which contains a fairly interesting bakery. Located in the shopping center at Bukner and Garland Road.

          Highland Park Cafeteria
          300 Casa Linda Blvd, Dallas, TX 75218