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Jul 16, 2010 08:59 PM

Please help me with my soapstone emergency!!

Hello all
I was trying to sand out some scratches in our new soapstone counters . I read that I could use a 220 grit sand paper along with an orbital sander . I got out the scratches, but the sanding left a horrible white-ish finish on the counters . When I came home I rubbed some olive oil all over the counters ( I did not have mineral oil) . It is starting to look better. Does anyone have some suggestions to fix this , or am I on the right track ? Any advice will be appreciated .

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  1. Hi Italiana,

    Have you tried to buff it out on higher grit sandpaper? I mean after you took out the scratches with a 220 grit sand paper. You can move to 400 grit to further smooth out the surface. Now, if you feel the current finish is smooth enough, then you don't need the 400 grit.

    As for the horrible white color. I think you are correct. Mineral oil will darken it. Over time everything will work out.

    I am sure you have already read something like these:


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      Thx chemical!! I think it is very smooth already . I was just concerned about the whiteness ( it was as if I sanded off the finish) the olive oil def helped ( is mineral oil better, or will they both do the same job? I notice when the light hits the counter , I can see where I sanded . I am just nervous because we recently renovated the whole house and moved back in. I didn't want to ruin it ... And I don't want to hear about it from my hubby !! ;)

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        Mineral oil is cheaper


        To be honest, I think they have the same effect. Soapstone is nonporous. It is not like a cutting board, so you can really use either oil. Even if you don't do anything, the color will eventually get darken overtime. The oil just speeds it up. It will take awhile before the entire counter look exactly the same color. So maybe you just have to get teased by your husband for awhile. Ha ha. The good thing is that the situation will only improve from here on. It won't get worse. How does that sound?

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          Thanks chemical! I appreciate your good humor :)