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Jul 16, 2010 08:58 PM

Wholy Bagel carries Manhattan Special

It's the only place I've ever seen it for sale in TX. Manhattan Special is a coffee soda that's actually made in Brooklyn, not Manhattan. It's strong, black, and not too sweet. I personally can't stand the stuff (my kind of coffee drinks lean closer to the milkshake category) but my husband misses it terribly and orders cases from time to time. Glass bottles - expensive shipping. So I am glad there's a place to get it locally now! And darn it I forgot to ask how much they were - just added it to my order, so I apologize for not having that information.

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  1. THANKS for the news! I usually bring home a few bottles when I visit NY. I think it is kinda funny that he has Manhattan Special, coconut water, Dublin DP, and Naked Juice! A note about the bagels - I love them - more than Rockstar, plus the scallion schmear is great. This is the only whole wheat bagel I have ever had that manages that balance between lightness and substance, crunch and chew, with great flavor. I think the inconsistency in size people have mentioned is testament to a truly handmade, artisan product - I'm totally fine with it!

    Heading off for a Manhattan Special and a marble rye with cream cheese!

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      Wholly Bagel is the only bagelry that I'd recommend in Austin. They're a great addition to our city.

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        I completely agree. FINALLY Austin gets a good bagel spot. Both the savory and sweet flavored bagels are excellent.

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          this paterson nj native in from houston on a quick business trip.. not only will i be returning with bagels but also with crumb cake and black and whites (ive packed my ice chest and picked up some zip locks to get thru this heat without a literal meltdown).. I watched them delivered fedex from NY on my last visit. Wholly Bagel rocks!

    2. i have no knowledge of authentic bagels, but Wholy Bagels is awesome! the chewy texture...the handmixed (or whatever) cream cheese....the coconut juice. i have yet to actually be inside the store, so i haven't seen the B&W cookies or any other non-bagely stuff. the chocolate chip cream cheese is delish - could put it in a crust as chocolate cheesecake. the garlic cream cheese, the chive....yum! even the plain bagel (which i wouldn't have ordered for myself) was great. one of these days i look forward to actually stepping foot inside the place and seeing the range of items they offer. and really want to try out the lox.

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        Re the lox, I ordered nova lox on a bagel with cream cheese and tomato. He asked if I wanted thinly sliced onions, capers, and do I want that to be scallion cream cheese... yes, yes, and hell yes. I nearly cried - this guy is speaking my language! I love that this place is here. As to the authenticity of the bagels, they are acceptable. I love the crusty outside, and for that reason, will always return - because you just can't find that anywhere else. But the flavor of the bagels and the texture of the inside don't really measure up to my Brooklyn memories, nor to the might-as-well-be-Brooklyn bagel shops near my parents house in Boca Raton. The dough is undersalted and the texture of the inside is too fluffy. Will I still eat them? With pleasure. But I'm happy with frozen H&H ones from Central Market too, which I think taste better. I just like the experience of being able to get a decent hot bagel, and all his other NY imports - the Manhattan Special, etc.