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Jul 16, 2010 08:17 PM

James Beard House?

I'm wondering if anyone's eaten here. I'm intrigued and noticed a reservation on open table. We're definitely foodies. Any idea how much dinner is and what it's like?

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  1. It's difficult to give you an answer to your query because there is no set menu for any meals at the James Beard House Every meal is different- usually prepared by guest chefs from restaurants across the country- at differenet price points as well.Some of their dinners are quite elaborate, others not. I've eaten there many times and have had some wonderul meals and some just okay- depending on the chef and the theme. Anyone chef invited to cook at the Beard House is a pro, it just depends on what you like.

    1. We attended a dinner at the James Beard House in May. It was an interesting and very enjoyable experience.

      You can see the photos I took and a link to a full review here: