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Jul 16, 2010 08:09 PM

Chowdown at Tai Wu/Mr. Fong - Daly City

Had a good lunch at Tai Wu in Daly City today. Melanie, Spencer, Derek, Cynthia, Lillian and I were the 6 hounds in attendance. I'll post my pictures and let others chime in on their favorites.
King Plaza is just off Skyline Blvd in Daly City. There are a few places to check out in this predominately Asian Plaza. The mango pudding was excellent - perfect jiggling texture and a good mango/coconut flavor. The lobster dumplings were full of perfectly cooked lobster meat with some roe on top - chunks of fried lobster garnished the platter. Actually a decent value at $28. The rice noodles and the dumplling skins were of a good consistency and texture. Would go back for more...... Would order in waves though ....... we got a bit swamped and couldn't give each dish its proper consideration.

Tai Wu/Mr. Fong
950 King Plz, Daly City, CA 94015

Tai Wu Restaurant
1080 Foster City Blvd, Foster City, CA 94404

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  1. Wow, what a treasure trove of photos. Good work, thanks!

    1. These pix are gorgeous, Gordon - did we really eat all of that? I'm stunned speechless. Since the mango pudding #40 was last on my tongue, I remember it well - light, refreshing, giggly, not too sweet with a full mango burst (L mentioned mango-powder, I'd guess, mango juice?) Melanie, I was waiting for the Squab?!
      #63- Macau-style Egg Custard, liked this egg custard better today than the last visit -
      #75 - Deep Fried Crispy Milk - this one is better than the Zen Peninsula version -
      #36 - Steamed Bun with Egg Yolk Paste, love drippy-hot-egg-yolk!
      #53 - Baked Durian Fruit Puff, perfumed with a fragrance that delights me
      #55 - Shrimp and Bitter Melon Noodle Roll, healthy with bitter melon!
      #88 - BBQ Pork Neck - sat fats make me swoon -
      and, more... some are standards, like the #108 Suckling Pig
      I confess that there were two dishes that I didn't taste... I was sated early - nothing displeased and there are other menu items on my list-to-try.
      The Chiu Chou Fried Soft Tofu is a fave of mine but I couldn't locate it on today's menu. I also will search again for the Rice Noodles with Pork and Mushrooms in a Cap, Pan-fried Pork Vegetable Buns, tripe/braised pig intestines and the Fish Balls of dace paste/pate for the next lunch. I'd scout out the ladies-with-trays for the "kitchen sink Chinese cake" and the # 50-Deep Fried Egg Yolk Balls - for sweet endings with today's Mango Pudding.

      Thanks for the excellent company today - it was a grand pleasure to chow with y'all. I always learn a new thing or two, or three!

      1. Interesting. That does look spectacular.

        I've had dim sum twice at Tai Wu, both times on the weekend, and wanted to like the food more than I did. Everything was good, but nothing great or on par with Asian Pearl. The energy of the place on the weekend when it's packed is undeniable.

        I wasn't crazy about any of the dumplings (chive dumplings, my favorite, were very greasy; har gow had thick skins; shu mai were just okay) or the fried milk. Chicken feet are better elsewhere. Fried pumpkin with egg yolk is tasty but better at S& P and Hakka. The 9 kinds of stuff in a white noodle (Cynsa's kitchen sink on a plate) was too weird for me. Everything came off rotating trays, all very fresh, but nothing cooked to order.

        Which makes me wonder if there's an advantage to coming during the week, or with a larger group...

        I stopped by early the other night for dinner and had a couple of really delicious dishes (spare ribs with pumpkin, and Chinese broccoli with an assortment of mushrooms). It took quite a long time, despite almost no one else in the restaurant, but it was well worth it.

        The manager brought me a bowl of warm red rice and coconut milk for dessert. The leftovers were even better. Oolong tea was exceptional and made me want to linger. Portions for dinner are enormous, and with most dishes around $15, did not cost significantly more than dim sum for 2. So I'll definitely return, but for dinner.

        Tai Wu Restaurant
        1080 Foster City Blvd, Foster City, CA 94404

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        1. re: Windy

          It was a lot to take in but I agree with you that there were several items that were just OK or done better somewhere else. The pumpkin is better at Hakka for insstance. The chicken feet ( abalone sauce) needed some more cooking = the flavor was OK but I wanted it to be even more tender and falling off the bone. The XO rice noodle rolls were a good consistency with a nice bite and some wok char but would have loved a bit more XO sauce. On the other hand....The Macao Egg Custard was exemplary - warm, flaky crust and perfectly cooked filling. However, we had a leisurely lunch and the conversation was good so that always helps.

          1. re: gordon wing

            The chicken feet /claws were chewy, gnawing on chicken feet is not quite the same as sucking off the knuckles - the two leftover went home to mom and she simmered them for another 40 minutes until they slid off the bone and voila - happy snack for one little ol' lady.

            1. re: Cynsa

              I wish I had the kind of mother who would appreciate leftover chicken feet.

              We had the regular custard tarts last time I think. I do love Portuguese custard tarts.