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Jul 16, 2010 08:05 PM

dog friendly dining in Eureka Springs

We're taking a short side trip to the Buffalo River on the way home from Chicago to New Orleans. I'm considering driving to Eureka Springs one afternoon, but we'll have our dog with us. It looks like a good city to just walk around, and was hoping for some outside dining. Can anyone reccomend a dog friendly restaurant in ES?

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  1. Eureka Springs is a dog friendly town and you will see many locals walking their dogs through town. Some of the shops have water bowls outside of their door, especially when it's hot. Depending on when you are here, you might want to try Casa Colina (they are closed on Tuesday). They have a large outdoor deck where they allow dogs and their food is excellent. (We own 5 Ojo Inn Bed and Breakfast in Eureka Springs and have two dogs of our own, spoiled, I might add).

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      Thank you so much, just what I needed!