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Jul 16, 2010 08:02 PM

cocktails w/ rose syrup?

A sweet friend gave me a bottle of homemade rose syrup. Any suggestions for cocktails to use it in?

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  1. My first thought would be to sub it for Creme de Violette in an Aviation variation.

    1. I figured if any of my cocktail books would have a rose syrup in it, it would be one of my Hendrick's Gin ones (has rose in its botanicals). And I was not mistaken (although the majority of rose ones are rose water):

      Edinburgh Rose

      1 oz Hendrick's Gin
      4-6 fresh raspberries
      1 oz Lychee Juice
      1/2 oz Rose Cordial (Rose Syrup)

      Shake with ice and double strain into a Champagne flute. Top with Champagne and garnish with a fresh raspberry.

      Created by Roberto Valle of Whisky Mist at Zeta (London, UK).

      1. 50ml gin
        35ml lemon juice
        20ml simple syrup
        20ml rose syrup
        2 or 3 cardamon pods, crushed
        2 dashes orange bitters.

        Shake and fine strain, top with champagne.

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          I assume that the cardamon was only lightly crushed/muddled, so that it wouldn't over power the drink?

          That sounds pretty tasty. Complex, floral, and herbal; without being too sweet.

        2. i don't know the exact recipe, because the bartender at little branch who invented it doesn't tell, but she makes a thing called the gershwin, which is gin and ginger with i believe a rinse of rose syrup/rose water and i dunno what else.

          1. Thanks everyone, these sound fantastic!