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Jul 16, 2010 07:52 PM

Does this seem like a reliable/safe recipe for home canning?

Ugh, the travails of home canning! I've got more peppers than I know what to do with. I've already made more pepper jelly than I really can use/get rid of. So, I'm thinking....pepper relish? I haven't been able to find a recipe that is authorized, other than this one, from UF:

Whadya think? Does it sound safe? Lots of onions, but also lots of sugar and vinegar too, eh?

Yesterday I got halfway through a batch of homemade pepper mustard and then found out it was insufficient for home canning-- so now I've got a ton of that in the fridge....! This time I don't want to waste anything!

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  1. Also, if anyone knows of a place where all USDA approved canning recipes are located, let me know. As a DAWG myself, I am familiar with the UGA site and of course the Bell site, but their recipe searching is a little difficult.

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      > Also, if anyone knows of a place where all USDA approved canning recipes are located, let me know.

      How about here:

      "The links below will lead you to online versions of USDA canning approved canning methods from the 1994 USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning."

      I'm a real canning neophyte, so I won't give you an opinion on your specific recipe above - but hopefully someone else can! ->pun intended ;-)

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        All the links on the above PSU site go directly to the UGA site

    2. That's a perfectly safe recipe for water bath canning.

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      1. Do you have freezer space? I simply cut peppers into strips and put in freezer bags. No need to blanch. Green or red do great. I use them in winter for recipes that call for sauteed peppers.

        1. Have you thought about making corn relish? I used to be able to buy it but it no longer seems to be available and I just love the stuff. The main ingredient, obviously, is corn. But most recipes use both red and green peppers as well. This isn't a recipe I've tried, but it's very similar. I put up a bunch of it this time of year.

          1. It looks like it will be on the high acid side, meaning good for water bath canning. You can contact them or ask a local extnesion office for their opinion. You can send the recipe tot he AZ extension at They get back within the day with excellent advice. Also, check out Lisa Rayner's new book on safe canning, called The Natural Canning Resource Book (
            Home canning can be a blast! Have fun with those peppers! I'm off to make blackberry jam and chutney!!