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Lake Placid - need one restaurant choice and brew pub advice

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A friend of mine is competing in the ironman in Lake Placid next weekend and I will be escaping from the city to watch him. I am trying to plan one great meal while I am there. I have read some of the other Lake Placid posts, but still do not feel like I am ready to commit to any one restaurant. Is there any restaurant in particular that I cannot miss?

On a separate note, I am a homebrewer and love craft beer. Is the Lake Placid brew pub worth a lunch visit?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Have no recommendation abut food in Lake Placid. Maybe other posters can help you on that one. However, since In Saratoga Springs, NY, we do get some of the offerings of the Lake Placid brew pub, I would heartily recommend a trip to them. If you are into dark, malty beer, try the UBU. And, certainly try the IPA they make. And, if the brewmaster is on site, they will certainly guide you along the trail.

    I also had a friend who said that one of the best Mexican restaurants in the North Country (that's what we call it up here) is on the road between Placid and Saranac Lake. Couldnt find it on a Google search, but perhaps somebody in Lake Placid can point you in the direction, assuming it is still in existence.

    1. Lake Placid Brewpub has good beer, outdoor deck and decent bar food. I've eaten at Desparado's and Caribbean Cowboy and have enjoyed both. The other Mexican place I think is Casa del Sol ? Eaten there too several years ago and enjoyed it as well. Brown Dog looks interesting and will likely stop by in a few weeks. The menu at Nicola's over Main looked good too.

      Caribbean Cowboy
      89 Saranac Ln, Saranac Lake, NY 12983

      Brown Dog Cafe
      3495 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14217

      1. If you're only planning on one splurge meal, for my money, it has to be Brown Dog Cafe and Wine Bar. I always regret eating anywhere else for special meals. We used to love Caribbean Cowboy til our last trip. Just not as good an experience, not the same quality of food, and I've noted some similar comments from others. For a very high cost special meal, the restaurant at the Whiteface Lodge was very good when we ate there, and very beautiful.

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          It was probably three years ago when I was at CC so duly noted. Wanted to at least have a drink in the bar at Lake Placid Lodge (the rest of it is way out of my league) until it burned to the ground. Now brand newly rebuilt looks amazing and wonder how the food is.

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            I don't know about LP lodge, but the WF lodge is pretty spectacular. Three years ago, we still liked CC a lot, second on our list. Now, not dying to go back.

        2. We're up for the Ironman as well and there are two really good micro- brewpubs in town.
          One is the Lake Placid Brewery whose main beer,Ubu Ale,is a rich malty dark beer.
          It's excellent.
          This is more of a burger and fries pub atmosphere with bar food and great beer.
          The other micro you should not miss is the Great Adirondack Brewery right next to the theatre on Main Street.
          I love their Abbey Ale and their Blond Ale.
          Both of these have won many awards for excellence and they are constantly adding new mocro brewed beers as well.
          Their Smoked Porter is also one of my favorites there.
          The food is better and more diverse at the Great Adirondack Brewery but if it's just regular pub fare then Lake Placid Brewery is a place to consider.
          I don't know your 'style" for great meals but we usually eat at the bar at the Interlaken Inn.
          Gourmet food in a pub atmosphere by their also award-winnging chef with great service.
          Usually this is where our gang goes after the competitions.
          Quiet,upscale,adult,and very good!
          Other numerous restaurants in town as well.
          Casa Del Sol is a really fun and excellent mexican resstaurant on the road to Saranac Lake.
          The best german food is at Hohmeyer's Lake Clear Lodge out near Lake Clear.
          Ask at your motel for direcctions.
          It's a bit of a ride but if german food is your "thing" you will not be disappointed.
          If you are asking about that "special"place that youcannot miss then II can tell you form 30+ yr.s of going to Lake Placid 6 or 7 times each yr. that there is no one outstanding place that you should miss.
          There are many really good restaurants and two really good brewpubs
          See you at the events Catnip

          Casa Del Sol
          104 Main St, Nyack, NY 10960

          1. When we were in LP in May, we ate at Lisa G's (on Sentinel Rd/Main St). I overheard an employee at the hotel making a reservation for her and her out of town family, so I figured it must be good! It was very good, friendly, not fancy but certainly no dive. Granted, we were starving after a long day of hiking, but it was definitely good food.

            For sandwiches and the like, Big Mountain Deli & Creperie was fantastic. Grab yourself a sandwich (if you can choose from the 46 that they offer), and go watch the racers! We will be there as well, cheering on my sister-in-law.

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              Yes,Oscar's is back smoking meat sagain.
              They re-opened,in Warrensburg, in the Spring.
              I agree 100% that Saranac Sourdough is an excellent choice for breakfast.
              Their breads are great!

            2. Saranac Sourdough is good for breakfast and lunch. I love their breads. They also used Oscar's Smoked meats but since Oscar's burned down a year or two ago, I don't know if they are back smoking meat yet.

              1. Thanks for all of the amazing suggestions. I cannot wait to get up to Lake Placid so that I can start drinking beer and eating amazing food while others compete in a grueling physical challenge....

                I will post an update with my findings next week.

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                  I've just returned from the Lake Placid area and can offer some thoughts.

                  I found the Brown Dog Cafe to be atrocious value. I ordered off a menu without any prices that our waiter described as offering the day's special. My companion and I had a venison chop. The dish was merely competent: one chop, rather tough and over-cooked, with a gluey demi-glace, some decent brussels sprouts, three small and tender asparagus, and unremarkable mashed potatoes. Included with the entree was a version French onion soup that was excellent. The price? $40. I expect a great deal more than competence when a restaurant charges me $40 for a venison chop and bowl of onion soup (without warning me of the cost beforehand).

                  I was surprised by the lack of New York wines on their menu. I was keen to try something local, and while I know that New York wines may not be widely celebrated, I figured there’d be one or two on the menu.

                  So, my one Brown Dog Café experience left me with the impression that it’s a typical tourist restaurant: average quality and above-averaged prices. Aside from the view over Mirror Lake, there was nothing memorable about it.

                  Fortunately, the beer at Great Adirondack Brewery was phenomenal. The smoked stout is ridiculously good, and more than compensated for the giant but tasteless prime rib I ate with it.

                  1. re: waxingdeep

                    It sounds as if you really didn' t like your meal. That's too bad. But I can assure you that my years of returning there have proven it to be as excellent as many of us highly discriminating diners have reviewed it to be, here and on Tripadvisor. Not a touristy spot at all, it's about good food and wine. Maybe it was an off night, maybe you just didn't like your food.

                    I've never been handed a menu without prices there, but if I were handed a menu without prices, I can assure you, I'd ask before I ordered.

                    1. re: waxingdeep

                      I have another bad story to share about Brown Dog cafe. On Tuesday night, we made reservations for a 4top at 6PM on Friday. We arrived 10 min. early and asked if we could be seated early. The girl at the hostess stand told us no in a condescending tone and with no other explanation. The guy at the bar did explain that due to the small size of the kitchen they could only seat and take orders for 8 at a time. This is understandable and we wouldn't have minded waiting for the extra 10 minutes if it had been explained to us upfront. Hostess was rude and bitchy and after that, they couldn't locate our reservation - even though we know we called 3 days before. They offered to seat us at 6.15, but by then we were aggravated and weren't sure if she wouldn't mess with our food, so we opted to eat elsewhere.

                      For the record we had great meals at Carribbean Cowboy and Whiteface lodge that week.

                      Brown Dog Cafe
                      3495 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14217

                      1. re: ana

                        So sorry you had a bad experience. The WFL has a great and gorgeous restaurant, doesn't it? I'm out of love with Caribbean Cowboy, though, after a long romance. Interlaken Inn can be good, too, the bar area is less stuffy than the dining room.

                        1. re: mcf

                          We'll be up next week with our dog and assume something to go at Brown Dog won't be as negative. btw, anyone know of dog friendly places? emailed LP brewpub since they have a deck but hadn't heard back. (On the dog theme, 8/7 is the only day of the year the Adirondack Museum allows dogs on the grounds.)

                          Brown Dog Cafe
                          3495 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14217

                    2. re: pf3e

                      Lake Placid Lodge is excellent.

                      1. re: gerchak

                        Gerchak.......I went to LPL several years ago. I think they had a fire after I left. I also went to The Point. I love both. Is LPL back in business. How's the food. I thought it was tremendous when I was there. Gorgeous view too.