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Jul 16, 2010 07:44 PM

Question about 2 pies at Wanda's in Kensington Market

I'm very interested in the mocha almond fudge and strawberry white chocolate mousse---but I've never tried them. I saw some pie rage posted at Wanda's but not sure if these two cream pies were in scope of the rage...

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  1. Not sure about the two pies you are talking about,but I had a craving for some good apple pie,I ordered a piece of their Swiss Apple pie,and it was the worst pie I ever tasted,I was really disappointing I only took two bites and left out the door.I really wanted to like this place,its nice enough inside,too bad their apple pie sucks.

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    1. re: chunkeymonkey

      They appear to have a huge selection of pies from their website... I guess it's against the odds that someone will know these two.

    2. Haha am I one of those people who raged? I'm full of emotions when this place is mentioned, all bad ones.

      Well I never had cream pies but the problem goes beyond just the filling. Their crusts are seriously dry and um I guess you can say chewy? That's a bad adjective to use but it's just doesn't bite through. Just very bad.

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        Oh. Chewy is not something that should go with pie crust. Well, perhaps I won't be making a major trip down there after all. Is it possible that this was an issue of freshness? If they're sitting in a fridge for some time, crust can go to bad places.