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Jul 16, 2010 04:43 PM

Cowshare! Raw unpasturized milk and cheeses

I have had the priviledge of becoming a member of a cow-share program in the vancouver area.

Drinking raw milk from pastured, grass fed cows is an immensley satisfying , health promoting experience.

contrary to media hype, raw milk is completely safe to drink.

It is illegal to "purchase" Raw milk in Canada, However, you can just drive to Washington state and buy it in the stores.

Alternatively you can join a cow-share program.

You pay the farmer to tend to your property (the cow) , and he delivers the milk to a pickup point in vancouver.

Becoming a member also gives you access to raw cheeses, raw yogurt, raw butter and eggs from pasture raised hens.

cow-share program in vancouver:


recommended videos on the web:

The oiling of america:

nourishing traditons:

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  1. I too am a member of Home on the Range cowshare. Now that the future of the farm is in jeopardy, do you have any recommendations for where I can find grass-fed dairy around here? I'm not as picky about it being raw or not, though that would be ideal of course, but my main concern is that it's grass-fed and from pastured cows. Do you know of any specific brands of milk in Washington State that are grass-fed? So bummed out about this after the news this week. :( I went to go buy some whole milk from the new Ecodairy in Abbotsford and it's just NOT even close to the raw whole milk from Home on the Range!!!! Tastes completely different. I want the best milk for my kids and it's infuriating to think I may not be able to get it anymore. :(

    1. I'd be careful about posting raw milk purchase in BC because there is a watchdog informing the health board. I missed attending a forum about raw milk and there was to be a tasting in North Vancouver and the police showed up.