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Kerr Farms Bankrupt?

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I heard that Kerr Farms declared bankruptcy last week. Can anyone confirm this?

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    1. re: gregclow

      Saw a rumor to this effect a year ago on the net. It definitely needs confirmation.

    2. I don't know if they have declared bankruptcy or not, but have heard from a few friends in the industry that they have suspended operations.

      I'm sure it has left more than a few Toronto restaurants scrambling...

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      1. re: echoamphitheatre

        wouldn't say scrambling as alternatives are easily found, plenty of meat suppliers in the city doing "naturally raised".

        it is a loss nonetheless...

        1. re: aser

          It is a loss for those of us who applaud the efforts of businesses like Kerr Farms. I just hope they had the sense to keep their cattle operation and their tomato farm as separate entities for business purposes: Kerr Farms supplies the tomatoes for Thomas Utopia canned organic tomatoes.

          1. re: Tatai

            I agree. Pity about the whole thing. I will miss Kerr.

      2. I got a phone call from a cattleman yesterday saying there is an announcement in a farm newspaper that the beef operation is in receivership. I havnt seen the article yet but im not surprised - the beef operations been broke and in debt for a few years. The vegetable/tomato farm - 100% owned by the Kerr family unlike the beef operation which was a partnership with some Toronto guys - is doing fine and hopefully wont get dragged down by the financial loss.

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        1. re: CowboyMKL

          Receivership and bankruptcy are very different things

        2. nooooooo. that was my fave for ground and stew meat for making babyfood for the kiddies.
          Any suggestions for a substitute.....and don't say Beretta.

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          1. re: jnine

            for retail you can see who Local Foods Plus certifies, or you can go with an established competitor to Kerr Farms like Beretta Farms, Rowe Farms, or Top Meadow (the latter merged with Kerr Farms last year but they are Limousin beef not Angus beef) . Or you could go to your butcher shop or supermarket that used to sell you Kerr Beef and ask what to replace it with. Or if you are a real foodie and not a poseur, you might buy boxed beef direct from a farm where you got to muddy up your boots in on a summer tour !!!!!! Contact the organic groups of Local Foods Plus to get lists of farmers to buy food from. Hey if I bought an energy-efficient chest freezer for local meat so can you !!

            1. re: CowboyMKL

              "and don't say Beretta."

              I'm interested why you say that... excuse my ignorance, but I always thought that Beretta were quite good???

              Sad about Kerr though.

              1. re: Non Doctor

                @ non doctor - Its just personal preference. Not a lover of Beretta for ground beef. I've never tried Rowe for beef, only their chicken and pork.

                @ CowboyMKL I've been considering a CSA for meat.....I want a really good one though, am waiting for a few chowhounders to rave about a product before I commit to a freezer order.