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Jul 16, 2010 12:58 PM

Dinner around Mt Laurel?

Will be in the Mt Laurel--Maple Shade--Collingswood area a few weeks from now. Looking for a good place for dinner...any price point as long as it's good food, open to all cuisine.

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  1. Tough area from what I recall of the numerous times I had to stay at the Mount Laurel Marriott. Lots of chains but there is Caffe Aldo Lamberti, which is okay Italian but you need to watch them over their wine list as they switch vintages on you.

    1. You're definitely going to have the most choices in Collingswood. You might want to do a specific search for that and see all of the reviews and comments of the wide range of options there.

      1. I am an Italian gourmet, dining in many many Italians coast to coast, over the years, and one in the Mt Laurel area I would return to again and again is Il Fiore in Collingswood,.....always busy, even on Mondays and Tuesday's....small room , but the food is true tasty Italian, prepared with TLC........the Chef/owner is in the kitchen and has his approval on every dish that leaves it,
        he, unlike so many other restaurants where the Chef leaves the actual work to others, he prepares every dish......and it shows......if your in the area, seek it out, and if you live in the area.....lucky you !!!