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Jul 16, 2010 11:38 AM

Where do you buy your organic groceries?

Looking for a good source for organic groceries in the GTA. Mainly for things like milk, meat, and produce. Preferably something that doesn't break the bank ie. not Whole Foods.

Any suggestions?

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  1. I get most of my organic groceries and produce at Essence of Life and 4 Life in Kensington. Their prices are great.

    Panacea on Bloor is also very good - they have just about everything you could ever want if you're organic and vegan.

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    1. re: SweetSweetPotato

      Seconded for Essence of Life in Kensington. Also, Tutti Frutti is another spot at KM that I frequent quite often!

    2. i get a weekly wanigan delivery - just veggies. i don't do organic meat but i do get 'naturally raised' from medium rare. milk - PC organic.

      1. The Big Carrot is a nice spot for one-stop organic grocery shopping.

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        1. re: Rabbit

          Sweet Potato in the West end (Dundas W. and Pacific). Great produce, wide selection of dairy and dry goods and small meat selection.

        2. I would recommend the Dufferin grove Farmers market (all organic) You need to get there early for eggs, however they have a great selection of baked goods, meat, produce, flowers....

          I strongly recommend Fiesta Farms (Christie, just south of dupont), great organic selection and much more reasonably than the Big Carrot or Whole foods.

          As for the Kensington Market ones. Essence of Life is great, however check your best before date. I avoid Tutti Frutti like the plague after getting moths more than once from their bulk goods.

          1. We have our veggies and fruit delivered by Wanigan. We buy our milk from The Natural Food Depot (Lawrence and Warden). All others are either from Loblaws or The Carrot.