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Jul 16, 2010 11:06 AM

Is Vetri worth it for a vegetarian?

Title says it all. No fish/seafood either. Wondering about both the grand tasting menu and a la carte.

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  1. I'm sure they could do an entire vegetarian tasting menu, but you could call and ask to be sure.

    As for a la carte, you would have to stick with antipasti and pastas but we once did an entire meal out of antipasti and half portions of pastas and it was wonderful. Some contenders among the standard menu would be:

    Sweet onion crepe
    Spinach gnocchi
    Almond tortellini

    And based on the current menu listed on the website:

    Artichoke salad with arugula and parmesan
    Asparagus flan with raw asparagus salad

    Eggplant canneloni with heirloom tomatoes
    Fettuccine with corn and charred scallion
    Escarole ravioli with toasted pine nuts and honey

    So, I definitely think it can be done and I think it would be worth it. I find their pastas to be very interesting and would definitely do a night of half portions again.

    1. i know two different vegetarians - both had a specialized grand tasting menu on a saturday night and they said it was the best meal they had ever had.