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Jul 16, 2010 10:35 AM

1st time to Montreal - cheap good eats?

Hello fello foodies:

We're spending the weekend in Montreal for the first time and looking for some budget, representative local fare (must include a smoked meat shop somewhere), preferably by the Quartier Latin as we're staying in that area. We're poor college students but can manage to splurge on one dinner (but no places that require formal dress please!). As we're from Toronto so we've had quite a bit of East Asian/Middle Eastern fare, and we'd like to do something very different (read: European) in Montreal.

Any suggestions (with price ranges) would be MUCH appreciated!

Merci beaucoup!

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  1. Hi,

    You can take a look at this thread and the threads mentioned within it:

    The smoked meat shop is Schwartz''s THE place.

    Also, make sure you spend some time away from Quartier Latin/Downtown as its very touristy. Head up to the Plateau for the best cheap eats and best Montreal experiences!

    1. Montreal has quite a few Portguese rotisserie chicken spots.
      This board should be teeming with suggestions.

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      1. re: nochainsplease

        IMHO, the GRILLED Portuguese chicken places are better, Look for Romado's on Rachel. Yum!

      2. if you're going to splurge on one meal go to au pied de cochon. here's their menu with prices:


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        1. re: Tiny Iota

          Since they're looking for cheap eats, I'd hardly recommend au pied de cochon.

          1. re: Haggisboy

            the OP also said he "could" splurge on one dinner.

            1. re: Haggisboy

              i've eaten at pied du cochon for $25 with a beer
              i ordered a few appetizers with a friend and it was enough food

            2. re: Tiny Iota

              A fois gras hamburger at $39.00??????

              What kind of ripoff is that?

              1. re: MISTER_C

                I appreciate that you're interested in finding good value, Mister C (especially in noticing many of your other posts), but I don't think there's anything outrageous about $39 for an enormous piece of good quality foie. With the exception of their rather marked up wines, I think that PdC's profit margins must be razor-thin on many dishes. Sometimes things of quality just cost a little more, and if the OP is willing to spend a bit on one meal, then PdC is a good bet.

                The prices are reasonable for what you get (especially most things in the appetizer and pig sections), and you'd not feel like you're missing out by only drinking a $5 beer with dinner instead of wine...

                1. re: Fintastic

                  Plus much of the food is super rich and comes in portions designed to cripple or kill the average human being. The prices at PDC do not seem so unreasonable once you realize there is enough food on the plate to feed 2 or 3 (or sometimes even 4 people). I say to the OP, go, order a couple of bar snacks and plan to share a main.

            3. The original comment has been removed
              1. There are a lot of fast food or cafe type of places, most of the time ranging in about 8-12$ range... I'm not sure how cheap is cheap but here goes!

                -La Popessa serves pasta, ranging from 5$ to about 12$. You customise by choosing your pasta, your sauce and toppings and add whatever you want. I find some of their pasta better then restaurants.

                -Portuguese grills are great. I like Jano personally, they have menu option for 2 people, 30$, five choices of meat.

                -Ever tried persian food? It's great, and not spicy. Many people think persian = fallafel and shish taouk but it has nothing to do with it. Maison du Kabob on Atwater has a gigantic hunter platter for about 30$ for 2 people but EASILY serves 3 (soup + 3 entree + filet mignon + kabob + chicken and rice). A bargain. Bring cash, no plastic.