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Jul 16, 2010 10:28 AM

Recommendations for Scottish Highland trip

Planning a week trip in Scottish highlands. Plan is to do loop drive from Dornoch along A99 to John o Groats and take A836 thru Thurso down to Ullapool,

Looking for some ideas of where to stop for lunch and dinner - anything with great homemeals, or unique feel or great views. Looking for hidden Gems.

Not looking for anything expensive - reasonable, good value places. Looking for good Scottish food.


Canadian Visiting the Motherland


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  1. God help you. The good stuff locally (and there is great fish, meat, whiskey, soft berries) tends to be shipped out, and folks live out of freezer cabinets. Fruit and veg locally often looks like it was pre-sold. I dare say if you go to swanky places it might be better, but if I was you i'd learn to enjoy good basic pub grub and top-up on store-brought fruit when you can find it. I'd like to be wrong, but I've had some grim (or at least functual) tucker there.

    1. I happened to notice this article:
      when I was looking for places to eat in Scotland. It has two places in Ross-shire: The Summerisle Hotel and The Seaforth. Didn't make it as far as the Highlands so didn't try any of them, but if vincentegan is to believed you could probably do much worse!

      1. I have been lucky enough to spend 6-7 weeks each year in Dornoch for the past several years. The dining options have slowly been improving.

        In Dornoch, I can highly recommend Luigi's on Castle Street. It is the most modern restaurant I have seen in the Highlands. At dinner, they offer a limited menu, which I think is a good thing. They do a very good job with shellfish.

        The Sutherland House, on the square in Dornoch, is also good, but it is a much more traditional place in terms of both the menu and the decor.

        The Patisserie in Dornoch is a good place for lunch or morning coffee.

        In Brora, there is an Indian restaurant near the train station that I have heard good things about, but I have not been there myself. The dining room at the Marine Hotel in Brora also has a good reputation.

        On the north coast, I had a nice dinner at the Forss House Hotel ( west of Thurso) several years ago. It might be worth a look.

        There is a fish & chips shop in Helmsdale (called La Mirage) that has a good reputation, but I have not been there either.