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BYOB's in Madison

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Any recommendations or experiences from garlic rose, soho 33, il mondo vecchio, rob's bistro, resto, or brocolini's?
New to the area and want to get out on the right foot and try a byob as they are rare in california

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  1. Stay far, far away from Broccolinis.

    1. Of those you named, Resto gets the most favorable press. I haven't been since the early days, but not for want of trying. Garlic Rose has its fans, I've just never gotten it. I like Soho 33 as a go-to place when I need to eat, not dine. It's been years since I've been to Il Mondo Vecchio and I have never been to Rob's. You've got some more options if you expand into Morristown and Chatham.

      Soho 33
      33 Main St, Madison, NJ 07940

      Il Mondo Vecchio
      72 Main St Ste 1, Madison, NJ 07940

      77 Main St, Madison, NJ 07940

      1. I went to Amici's on Park/Main Street for the first time last week and loved it. Small and casual. BYOB. I had a pasta and shrimp dish that is now one of my all time favorites. They had several seafood specials that all looked delicious as well. (This place was across the street from Brocolini)